Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hate.zip
Size: 336.39 KB
Date: 12/10/97
Description: You are teleported into one of the main temples of the invaders. Here they practice black rites and the reanimation of sacrificed humans and their own kind. I've tried to convey the sense that you are desecrating the hallowed ground of these creatures by being there and they won't allow this without a fight. In your quest for the three skull keys you will pass through courtyards inner chapels and altar chambers, the "sewage" tunnels and ,briefly, HELL itself!
Credits: id (no kidding!), Melissa, Yvette and Danielle for their patience during Doom editing syndrome. Ben Morris and Olivier Montanuy.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.0 ,Wintex, midi2mus
Bugs: not really a bug but the music has lost a lot in the conversion to .MUS. If you have DOOM95 I would recommend using that.
Rating: (8 votes)
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i had a hard time finding that blood lava room. blood lava room damage is quite unfair. :( ~1/5x
I never wanted to vote for the music in a wad, but this one made my day - mystic and great, 5*. The gameplay is ok 3*. x
Crazy design, good monster placement but severely lacking in health packs. x
Not a bad level, but neither a very good one. Decent for playing for a while, and it's rather entertaining. There are some HOMs and misalignements, and newbie mapping, but as I said it can be quite funny. Maybe a little too much challenging to the end.x
Very good map, with excellent (well-balanced) gameplay, architecture and effects. The lava area near the end is a little bit unfair though. Thanks to NoPoet for drawing attention to it. :p - Grazzax
Extremely poor gameplay backed up by pretty dire visuals. One to avoid. - No Poetx

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