Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/haunted2.zip
Size: 64.67 KB
Date: 06/07/05
Description: For Deathmatch or Co-op or Alone

As I stand there with only my trusty DB Shotgun beads of sweat drip from my forehead like dew from a morning glory. As I feel the bullet pierce my arm I swing around to dispose of the Former Human from Hell.

P.S. - This level is an attempt of mine to simulate a two-story house with a cellar. I hope you enjoy it. It took several hours with no sleep to create.
Credits: The Authors of WADED, MKD2, DeuTex 2.7, all Doomers
Base: This is an improvement over my first Haunted House of Hell. This one includes a cemetery with some badies.
Build time: It took several hours with no sleep to create.
Editor(s) used: MKD2, Waded 1.42, BSP 1.2x, DeuTex 2.7
Bugs: None (now!)
Rating: (6 votes)
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in 1994 you cant do better than this. 5/5 a piece of historyx
This is from 1994. It's surprisingly sophisticated - there are new textures, and although the level is very bare it doesn't look too bad. The multi-storey layout is simulated with teleports. It feels like a lot of castle/real-life levels, with lots of corridors with doors leading into square rooms. The gameplay is therefore very mechanical, apart from the slightly tricky archviles. It would be horrible in deathmatch. Of historical interest.x
Not bad at all for a 1994/1995 wad. The rooms are a bit bare for my taste, but it the level conveys the haunted house theme very well. The new textures are a nice touch. 3 stars.x
A nice little house I guess, but a bit empty. More memorable than many wads though. I'll give it a slightly generous 4/5.x

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