Title: NUTSs: the last fight
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/heh4.zip
Size: 74.29 KB
Date: 09/25/03
Author: anonymous (mike louis anderson was a nickname
Description: A small little sotry: There were once a small little space marine, no one knew his name, but he had killed half of hell in weird joke maps, slige maps and other good maps. He was started to be bored, so he started his remote telport system up and saw if there were any need for help sometime. When he was searching he found a big weird sector textured with weird green textures, he wondered what it were. He could see something were moving down here, but he wonder what itwas, so he pressed the button to his teleport and entered the teleport, waht he didn't knew was it was hell's biggest depot of creatures, ready to enter earth's cities (again?) and he knew he had to kill them all for not let them rule earth again. It is your turn now, stop them!...
Credits: my cat beavis butthead. My mom because she always give me money to buy big macs for. Thanks mommmy, my dad because he like to play dethmatch with me. Sargebaldy for teh good title music. Espi for teh graphicz!!!1, and zarcyb for COOL TITLEPIC AND good testplaying. Thanks guys and all who liked my other wads, great reviews and comments on www.doomworld.com/idgames :):
Base: yeah, nutz.wad is good, this is the heh.wad versuion of it. :)
Build time: a long night
Editor(s) used: wad author
Bugs: no
Rating: (5 votes)
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fuck ya! 5/5 admiral xolzox
Basically a riff on NUTS.wad but no good. You're in a large square room with slightly over 10,000 monsters that see you immediately; the only way to play is with cheating. Took me about twenty minutes to clear out the monsters. Fascinating to IDDT the map at the end, with 10,000 monster corpses lookinnglike a starfield. You could see that the chaingunners had hardly taken a step from their start position.x
omg like this map nearly killed my comp.x

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