Title: Hell Arena: Hell in a huge demon pit.
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hellaren.zip
Size: 94.8 KB
Date: 02/01/97
Author: Jesse Roberge
Description: ****HELLAREN.WAD: A level 30 DOOM 2 WAD***** It is another representation of true biblical hell for DOOM II, but it is over 64x bigger than HELL2. No imp-shotgun fodder here. No mortal will survive, eternal suffering is gaurenteed. YOU WILL TRUELY BURN IN HELL (GOD mode is a must--and you can still die, and happy ammo is highly recommended). 4 player starts, 21 deathmatch starts, difficulty levels used. Includes a Dehacked 3.0a patch to make the level even better. Created with DCK 3.61 & ZenNode. Tested with DOOM II 1.9 WAD/Ultimate DOOM EXE. Also includes ARENHELL.WAD: A version of HELLAREN that doesn't have the graphics, sound, and music, but is about 10x smaller (filesize) than the main version.
Credits: id-software & Ben, the author of DCK. The authors of School and Aliens DOOM because I ripped some graphics from the two total patch-kits.
Base: From scratch; based on same concept as Hell2.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK (Doom Cunstruction Kit) 3.61 for the level, WinTex for the graphics and textures, and NewWad Tools for the sounds and the music.
Bugs: None
Rating: (5 votes)
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Awful MAP30 replacement. All it is is a giant square arena with endless monster spawning, no way to traverse the arena without god mode, and no way to complete the level. It also has an unspectacular .DEH file that makes some of the weapons fire faster and the Rocket Launcher and BFG slower (but stronger). The only reason I give it 1 star is because the new MAP30 music is pretty cool.x
This makes UACMN look playable in comparison. 0/5x
To a comment above: Dude, this wad is soo bad, not even total geeks would play this.0 Starsx
Livethe massive room-elevator. Lots of widgets. Too big, very slow, and gets boring in less than 5 minutes. 0 Stars if you're not atotal geek.x
Total, unplayable crap. The environment ALWAYS kills you since it's 99% nukage! No matter what else happens, you cannot play the wad because it is completely inhospitable. New monsters spawn at the rate of around 4 every second. All you can hear is the constant THWOOSH of half a dozen spawn cube launchers. Shit in every way.x

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