Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/helrzor.zip
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Date: 05/15/96
Author: John Diamond
Description: Six sick levels, designed for maximum disturbance of your conscience. Journey through the gates of Hell and locate the spawing portal of all evil and destroy it. Dark and similar to Hexen in texture choice and level design, and only truly evil characters were used(no wimpy former humans and shit!). Mostly medium sized levels that have a sort of gothic but hellish vibe to them. If you like levels that are visually clean and cool looking then this is the PWAD for you.

The Levels:

Level 1: The Gateway. An innocent looking library contains some very dark secrets. Mostly a gateway to hell.

Level 2: The Sentry. The entrance to hell is guarded by a pair of hideous demons. They are not happy about your arrival.

Level 3: Shrine of Sacrifice. A large temple contains the secrets to penetrate the bowels of hell.

Level 4: Four Agonies. Central courtyard with four temples of satanic worship. Only the strong will survive to continue through the next portal.

Level 5: Dark Fortress. A foreboding fortress contains the most hideous creature you will ever see(well you have probably seen it before:)

Level 6: Hellspawn. You have found it - the place were it all began. Now you must seal it off and escape before its too late.

These levels are pretty much supposed to be for expert level players(the last three are pretty hard anyway) and they are all designed with DM in mind except for the first level. Skill level three is the best(but pretty tough). If you like these levels, try out my Hexen five level hub 'Necros' which should be done soon(I kind of stopped and did this Doom thing for a while)
Credits: Id for making (still) the best game ever. Raven for the level design ideas(castles and stuff) The makers of Wintex and DCK Satan for...just kidding:) ================================================================
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Bugs: In the last level, sometimes you get a visplane overflow error, but it's rare. Can't really do anything about it without compromising the detail.
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realy cool looking levels, but they are a little easy x
Its okay. More like an old style map.x
WOW! Quality. Excellent design and awsome atmosphere. Really expect to see more from you. Keep up the good work. 5/5x

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