Title: Higher (latest)
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/higherv2.zip
Size: 70.01 KB
Date: 05/05/95
Author: Me. (Oh, Paul)
Description: The best thing about these levels is they're fairly straight-forward. That is there's no find the key, spend 20 minutes looking for where to use it, 20 seconds of death-dealing, find a secret switch and so on. That's not to say that this kind of level doesn't have its place, it does, but i don't design that. I've had enough of that from DOOM II. These levels (i think) are original. I haven't really played anything like them. Anyway, please see what you think, and let me know. NOTE: The above email address is mine only until the end of '95.

------- P L O T -------

OK. You were one of the unlucky ones, you weren't killed. Trying to rid that sector of Caco- demons was useless, and you knew it. Command HQ knew better and sent you in at the head of a bunch of inexperienced soldiers, most of them useless. All are dead. Except one who was captured. You.

They've got you bricked up in a small room. You thought you had an idea why. After you found the pistol there you knew why. Rumors had infiltrated back to base that the Cacodemons liked to play soldier bating with any captured soldiers. You know what's in store.

A feeling wells up in your gut you know to be fear. You look at the tiny weapon in your hand and groan. You'll be lucky to take out one. All is lost. You wait for death.

Visions of those red bastards killing killing killing roar through your mind, slowly enraging you to accept the inevitable. Surfacing through these thoughts of death, however, is another thought, revenge. Not with a pistol. You'd walk through hell for a shotgun. Maybe you will...

NOTE:- Level 3 is a bit more unprofessional than the rest. It originally was a DOOM level. It's good however. SO PLAY IT!! Play them all. You'll feel better.

HINTS:- (1) Play at least skill 3 (2) DON'T CHEAT!!!! (3) There is no third hint (4) Or fourth
Credits: Queen, liFe, tHE UniVerSE ANd EverYthiNg
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCad 5.1
Bugs: Level 4 rarely crashes with a RMapPlane error. Dunno why. Maybe its cos i have ceiling heights of over 10000.
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A W E S O M E, enjoyed every second of it. Srsly.x
sorry, but this is utter rubbish.x
I liked itx
Four levels, most of which consist of very large square rooms. The fourth is decent, with a big long lift, but this is bare-bones stuff, with no polish at all. Infinitely worse than Fava Beans, which also came out in 1995.x

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