Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hitech.zip
Size: 758.9 KB
Date: 07/13/97
Author: Marcus Malden
Description: A detailed description is given below.
Credits: you. You should have some credits. Its great that you will soon be playing my PWAD. Thank you a lot. I love you! I really love you...you`ll see... "DIE KRUPPS"
avail. albums: "I","II-The final option","A tribute to Metallica","The final remixes", "III-Odysee of the Mind", various Singles
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU á6.66; Deutex 3.0; Neopaint; Windows95; PaintShopPro; Goldwave; edit (Dos 7˝) CNN; Cola; Casio Calculators; Mirado Pens; BSP v1.0; Terracottanol.
Bugs: The error you spot could be here... eidlliwuoyrosdrawkcabsihtdaertnod
Rating: (7 votes)
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some unique ideas are there,some nice textures and cool music which mercilessly spoiled by annoying sounds.gameplay is poor here ...progression too seems strange at times....x
Pros: some nice new textures. Cons: layout is mostly too primitive, texture variation poor, decoration absent, and ambiance too amateurish. Gameplay is unattractive, and new sounds are truly horrible. Overall rated as a 1996 map, including a bonus for the effort: clearly below average, so meh.x
Another WAD I had on my hard drive back in the day. I was amazed by the scrolling text, so I decided to replay it and see if it was exactly as I remembered... and no, it's not. Fun maps though.x
thair ok i gues.. but the anoying sounds get super eritating after a wile x
10 little maps - all fun.x

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