Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/holodeck.zip
Size: 719.08 KB
Date: 07/25/97
Author: Ryan Polczer
Description: Map 01 : This was my first map for Doom2, a twentieth-century street scene. It has been updated since its original version with the new graphics that I made for this wad.

Map 02 : A homemade map of the starship Enterprise. The layout of the hallways was not meant to be accurate; but certain rooms (ie: the bridge, ready room, observation lounge, transporter rooms, and ten forward) were based on set designs from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Map 03 & 04 : Most of these two are homemade; the western towns in the middle of each map, however, were based on the first two maps from Boothill.wad by Tim Ash. (Just think of the wild west as a holodeck program within the Star Trek theme.)

Map 05 : For this one I changed about 80% of the map from startrek.wad, and then pasted the whole thing onto itself to form two new starships: one whole and one damaged.
Base: Map 01 New wad made from scratch
Map 02 New wad made from scratch
Map 03 Boothill.wad (original version was by Tim Ash)
Map 04 Boothill.wad (original was by Micheal Houston)
Map 05 Startrek.wad (by K.Shellington and D.Noel)

Music "Mission Impossible" from Area51.wad (author unknown)

Sounds A few from startrek.wad, one from area51.wad, and the rest from the Star Wars trilogy.
Build time: Many months...
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor Wintex
Bugs: None
Rating: (4 votes)
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Too high copy&paste factor, and too primitive layout and gameplay. Overall: solid meh + .5 for the effort + .5 because from 1997 = very small 3*.x
this was coolx
It's OK. Star Trek fans should like it, but gameplay isn't all that great.x

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