Title: The Honeycomb
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/honey.zip
Size: 309.84 KB
Date: 01/03/02
Author: John Bishop
Description: As you battled through the levels of DOOM II the imps regrouped to a new area and built a breeding colony. This is characterised by being rather like a honeycomb with imps asleep in many of the cells. They will, of course wake up and attempt to waste you when you finally locate it... no simple task.

Your mission is to find the honeycomb, clear out the imps and make your way to the exit. You will need to solve many puzzles, locate several secrets and find not three skull keys, but four, to reach the end of the level. Are you up to it? If you don't believe it can be done watch the demo which Chris recorded in UV !
Credits: Ben Morris for his superb editor, DCK; Jens Hykkelbjerg for the excellent Reject Map Builder RMB version 2.1; the DEU Team; Jim Flynn for STAT the WAD stats verifier; Serge Smirnov for CLEANWAD; Zink the Dink for ENDOOMER, Ryan Robinson for The LMP Fiddler, and, of course, the wizards of Id.

A special thank you to Chris Christensen who provided invaluable help with WinTex, gave me the encouragement to finish this WAD off and in the end made a significant contribution to the design. Chris also created the opening screen, improved the structure and gameplay of the WAD and then recorded the UV demo ! (Pause's in the demo are due to lighting up cigarettes or opening up beers!)

See Chris's "Escape" series:

Escape from Phobos - Escape01.zip Escape from Deimos - Escape02.zip Escape from Natas - Escape03.zip

Available from the 3d Games Archives at: ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames

Finally, to Mike Reed, whose superb WAD of The Hoover Dam inspired me to learn how to create DOOM worlds - thanks Mike!
Base: New level built from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doom Construction Kit 3.2 by Ben Morris WinDEU - consistency checker only RMB version 2.1 CLEANWAD to clean out unused space STAT to check savegame statistics WinTex to change music & sound effects ENDOOM to create ending screen display
Bugs: Ok, here's a quote from Chris... 'Because this is a massive, ass-kickin, pushed to the limits level, you must do a little house-cleaning before you save in UV mode. The savegame buffer is tight ! But hey, real men don't need no stinkin' save game. Right !' So there !!

In fact it will save from the off, but may crash your PC when you return to DOS if you do. Other than this there are no known bugs of any kind. EMail me if you find any.
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Oldschool. Not bad. 4/5x
This map is good work, but nothing too special. Though not linear, the map layout is rather coarse and clear. There seem to be several ways to proceed, because I found the yellow key twice. The textures are well aligned and it's all looking ok (many green marble areas), but there's not much detail to look at. Gameplaywise, the game is quite mediocre, too. The enemies are quite weak and you're provided with lots of plasma, even a BFG, which I never needed. 2.5/5 -Milianx

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