Title: Hot Lead
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hotlead.zip
Size: 55.75 KB
Date: 08/25/12
Author: Joseph Wheatley
Description: You have returned to your old battlefield! Same layout but the whole place is moving! Something is really wrong. New enemies, more enemies, and even more new enemies. Just another day at the office.
Base: TOUGH2.WAD (My old level)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU for DOOM ][
Bugs: None known. Please write to me if you find them.
Rating: (8 votes)
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it's got an ending. I saw someone beat it on YTx
no exit, this sucks. ~0/5x
You know those porn movies where they don't fuck? Oh, wait, that's not porn, that's complete crap. This WAD is like that.x
i liked itx
I see Perseus is trying to fight Eq for their spot in uploading 90's shit wads.x

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