Title: HPF's Citadel
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hpf.zip
Size: 247.52 KB
Date: 11/03/96
Author: Jerome [Mike] Xavier [Master Tex] (fix of bugs, choice of textures) Marc (music)
Description: Well, well, a huge wad to test your skill on different points cleverness, hability, ... The only known bug does NOT ALLOW TO SAVE your game That obliges not to do only one mistake. Well, the aim is not to kill all monsters of this level, but to SURVIVE. I highly recommend you to try it in skill 1, to learn how this level works. Skill 3 is for very good doomists, and skill 4 is possible but very very hard... it's time for you to learn hummility!!!
Credits: All HPF beta testers, ie Gilles [Jil] Thierry [Tiery, Chou-Minou] Sylvain [Ben] Warm v1.6 authors who made the only nodes builder able to compile this kind of level without any bug, ie Robert Fenske Mark K. Mathews (porting to OS/2, the best OS) WinDEU team, who made the most productive program.
Base: None (from scratch)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinDeu v5.24, Warm for OS/2, Bsp, Warm for DOS
Bugs: Saving game will crach your system (too big!!)
Rating: (5 votes)
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Too ambitious hodgepodge castle level. Huge layout, lots of rooms & fights, but mostly simple and often poor scenes. Often too dark. Gameplay @ UV varies from good to poor. Pressing linedef 3008 or 3009 before 3010 is end-of-game, even if you manage to kill the 4 cybies - which definitely should have been rewarded with continuing the game... Automap is on places poorly updated. Could have earned 5* in 1996 when redesigned, but has too many weak points. Small 4* because of a few good ideas and the effort.x
too much for 96...huge and complex...lots of puzzling stff x
Massive, sprawling fortress in the vein of Eternal Doom and similar mapsets, with the same focus on puzzles and aventure. There are a few ways to go about solving this map, so different people will likely approach from different angles. Finding all the secrets was fun, and there are some cool ideas including one or 2 that will test your knowledge of Doom tricks.x
This is dated October 1996. You fight 467 monsters in an enormous castle-style map; it's one of those huge, ambitious levels from the pre-source port days. Despite the monster count the difficulty is very mild, and the gameplay is wandery and puzzly. In fact it feels like a haunted house adventure at times and would have benefited from some new textures and sounds. It's a bit too diffuse to be a classic but I enjoyed it.x

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