Title: Hsg_0101.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hsg_0101.zip
Size: 695.2 KB
Date: 07/17/01
Author: Harry S. Gunderson
E-mail: Midnyte2@juno.com
Description: This map is a result of my ponderance upon things like the catacombs of Portland, OR. and the Underground City of Seattle, WA. Combined with a recurrent 90's dream involving a dark highway at night: And the Volcanic residence of Lilanni, the sister of Pele' whom still seeks to help her Sister to find her lost love. And whom will still make herself known to those of a pure heart whom seek her. (The DM's will start here). With the level Culminating at a local sea harbor. In this map I also sought to employ most, but not all of the Special Effects which I have learned through study of other wads.
Credits: Everyone at I.D. Software for their magnificent game creations. Everyone at Sensor Based Systems for their excellent game editor.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: N/A
Editor(s) used: DeepBSP v.9.73 by Sensor Based Systems
Bugs: Arachnids.
Rating: (2 votes)
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this is kinda fucked up and I like that. why are some parts so dark? why are the walls so thin? x
Not many Doom level readmes include the word ponderance, although I have to dock a few points for using the word whom incorrectly three times. I disliked the level. It is dark and intricate, and involves a lot of wandering about, hunting for switches, initially in a series of pitch-black sewers and dank stone corridors. There's an atmospheric highway-at-night scene later on, but the gameplay isn't there. The level would be horrible in deathmatch.x

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