Title: hsg_0116.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hsg_0116.zip
Size: 140.07 KB
Date: 03/25/00
Author: Harry S. Gunderson
Description: A city style .wad for Doom2 @ Map16 for its sky. Every Doom or Doom2 player should build one Map level from scratch at least once in their lives and this is my first effort at doing this. I sought to create a challenging single / (perhaps multi) player level without using any Cybers in it. If you like timing traps, hidden switches, secret passages, occasional surprises, and the trappings of cities, like: offices, warehouses, libraries, and ball parks, then try this one. There really is an exit to the next level in there too, but you have to decipher it first. (I also put in starts and ammo for 4 DM players, but having only this one computer to work with, I cannot be sure if they are for co-op, DM proper, or both). But be prepared to run for the door at start up in single play, there is NO safe area at the beginning. Average play time for this .wad is about one hour.
Credits: Everyone @ ID Software for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexan, Quake, Quake2, and whatever more (has) or may come.

Sensor Based Systems (Mike Vermeulen, Jack Vermeulen, Cyrus Amiri, Luc Cluitmans, Ben Gokey, & Brad Kiefer) for their implementation of Deep97 v9.73 (Deep BSP)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Many hours were spent puttering around with the look, feel, & the flow of play on this one.
Editor(s) used: Deep97 v9.73 for Win95 (Deep BSP) by Sensor Based Systems.
Bugs: The number of window openings adjoining the southernmost street may cause a visual plane phantom zone in one limited section in the middle of that street. also, the number of seating tiers in the Northernmost ball park will occasionally cause a visual aliasing effect (not a HOM) when viewing the grandstand from the middle of the ball field. However, after much work attempting to reduce the number of visual planes in these areas, (but still trying to keep the visual feel of these areas), These problems seem to be reduced to the point that they should not boot you out to DOS. (Save early and often).
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This is dated October 1999. The readme's misc section makes an oblique reference to the Columbine killings of a few months earlier. The level starts off dull - there's a monster assault, but it's just a wave that you gun down. After that you have to search for tiny, tiny switches. There's a whole city block of chaingun snipers. Eventually I ground to a halt in the southern section, with no incentive to press / shoot every wall to make a door open elsewhere.x

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