Title: Hell Unleashed
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hunlshed.zip
Size: 704.15 KB
Date: 12/07/08
Author: Isaac Rodriguez
Description: My first 2 maps for Doom 2. A possible preview of a megawad. Maps in the style of Hell Revealed with, I promise, a lot of detail. My primary purpose was to really make maps that will knock your socks off, make maps that you would want to play more than one time. In the beginning areas of the first map, the detail looks like the mapping of a beginner, but trust me, as you progress, the detail gets better and better with the later areas looking more and more like an expert's work. Some areas really took me some extended time to make and I even got frustrated at times, but I hung in there and I have hopefully made quite a creation. You'll find quite a good mix of tech and hell themes in these maps. I've also supplied plenty of ammo and health in these maps, so hope- fully there won't be any complaints about that. I want to show, with these maps, that I have used other wads for inspiration and that I am not your ordinary beginner. I hate wads with no style to them at all, so if you like playing crappy wads, then look somewhere else because this ain't one of them.
Base: New
Build time: 3 weeks
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: In the yellow key room in map 23, after you lower the lift with the yellow key, some of the wall texture is missing. I apologize for that. I tried to fix it, but with no luck.
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