Title: Hell on Icannar: Old Nuclear Plant
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/icannar.zip
Size: 93.01 KB
Date: 09/15/13
Author: 129th Visplane
Description: My third map in history, and my only non-joke map that ever got finished. I planned it to be a part of my "Hell on Icannar" megawad, but then my hard drive crashed and this map was the only map that survived. Includes all three keycards, secret areas, several traps, pools, pits and puddles of nukage. Some of the switch puzzles might be a bit confusing. I apologize for the incredibly stupid-looking spaceship at the end of the map; I suck at building spaceships in vanilla format.
Credits: id and everyone who created Doom, of course. My mother for playtesting and bringing me food and water during the development of this map, and my father for his constant "lol doom is so outdated it has pixels and bleeper sounds lololol why do you still play it go play call of duty instead" comments and refusing to playtest the map. Starscream, CommanderWymsy and Mupen64Man for being the only other Doomers in a non-Doom community about pixel dragons.
Base: Edit of my early map which was made from scratch.
Build time: Almost two years if half a year of quiet rotting on a backup CD counts.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, Doom Builder, Doom Builder 2, SLADE3, Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS4
Bugs: A visplane overflow (heh) may occur in vanilla Doom if you noclip into the void on the bottom-right of the map and look at sectors 0, 134, 126 and 210 at the same time. Also the rockets in the open crate might sometimes appear on top of the crate instead of in it. (NOTE: The missing door action on linedef 264 is not an oversight nor a bug, there's another way of getting out of the blood pipe room. :)
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Its okay, nothing ground-breaking, but in a sea of 90s quality shit, its pretty good.x
aesthetically speaking this map is superb esp last area and overall ambiance.but as memfis point out this map has highly unimaginative and tamed monster placement,which makes gamepaly/combat section rather poor,secrets seems tab filler too...still enjoyable fun stuffx
Getsu Fune
okay map.x
Eris Falling
Agreed with Memfis, though this way of monster placement didn't really bother me as much. Cool stuff o/x
Tasteful oldschool detailing and texturing - I love it, especially the final area with a spaceship. Cool status bar too. Unfortunately, the gameplay is very disappointing: it entirely consists of shooting monsters that appear in front of you, there is no threatening enemy placement whatsoever. Still very good for the first finished map of course.x

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