Title: IC DooM Series The Undiscovered Realm.
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/icdoom2.zip
Size: 351.28 KB
Date: 03/03/96
Author: Ian Cunnings.
Description: The UAC Maximum Security Prison for War Criminals has been taken over by some strange, as yet unknown, force. All of it's in-mates and guards have gone crazy and some have even mutated! Your job is to infultrate the prison complex and clean up the mess. Priliminary reports seem to show that the trouble started when an in-mate attempted to escape. The person in question stumbled upon an ancient temple, buried deep beneath the prison cells, and never returned. 2 UAC officers went down after him. . . . neither came back. You are ordered to find out all that you can about these strange goings on.
Credits: The Deu Team for the best level editor out and id for the best game ever. Oh, and the writers of the original midi files used in this wad should also so be thanked. Thanks should also go to Alain Norgate Robert Black Bob Cunnings Chris Hoare Matthew Gillett Stuart Mckendrick For playesting help. Extra credit should go to Matthew, for the great new title screen.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WINDEU 5.24, WINTEX and ADE2
Bugs: None that I know of, but please contact me if you find any.
Rating: (12 votes)
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Considering it was made in 1995, a great mapset, and it's such a strange feeling to play through all the IC series at once, gives you a feel how far doom mapping has advanced since. A recommended play, especially if you have a taste for good old timers. A 4.x
meh, nothing special, just basic shoot em up doom. The lack of interesting design grew tiresome after a while and the ceiling traps in level 2 are lame.x
This mapset was pretty cool. It's not as good as your later levels, but it's still fun. The default textures didnt suit the maps.x
Jive wrote: "(Feb. 05, 1995). Please, the uploaders, be careful!!!". What are you talking about? If you mean the date of 03/03/96, that is the actual date-stamp of the zip file in the archive, and is related to the date it was uploaded. That's all it is. No error.x
Its very good and challenigng with big levels. Detail is average but this wad deserves 5 stars because of its gameplay. -pcx
ICDoom2, by Ian Cunnings (Feb. 05, 1995). Please, the uploaders, be careful!!! Ahhh... The IC Series, made between 1995 and 2005!!!! What a wonderful world! Ian, you're quite surely one of the best mappers for Doom, and your Series belongs to the great history of Doom. 5/5 - Jivex
One of my all-time favourite pwads. ***** Kristian Arox

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