Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/iditarod.zip
Size: 455.85 KB
Date: 04/07/96
Description: IDITAROD.WAD is 10 complete well designed levels for single player play. This wad is a reflection of a lot of hard work and dedication. This copy is an exclusive release. When QUAKE comes out, many DOOM 2 players will spend the next 12 months figuring out deathmatch strategies on it so this is my TRIBUTE to the beauty, wonder, fear, challenge, and just plain fun game of DOOM 2.
Credits: DRSLEEP for guidance...and coolness
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED---Map editor registered version of course.

WINTEX- merging,Music renaming, sound patch incorporation, graphics etc. Its really easy to do coolness with Wintex EXCEPT map editting
Bugs: I tested the devil out of this wad and it should have no-bugs whatsoever. However on map 5 you could possibly hit the wrong switch first in the small silver pit. Trial and error will help you on that one. Of course if you are an experienced deathmatch Player you know you can pop a switch that has lowered into the floor below you by clicking on the LINE DEF. So you won't ever get stuck. Feel free to use trial and error to discover ideal timing for hitting switches. It won't hurt you and I usually make sure you have a safe area to work in after whacking the monkeys.
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Cool '96 wad. I liked the switch puzzles. Helps to listen and look at the automap to see what does what. I didn't pistol start the levels, except map01.x
This is a solid set of levels, especially for 1996, from a designer who went on to work for Epic Megagames (Doomworld has an interview with him at http://preview.tinyu rl.com/38hxj7 ). Tough and a bit switchy, simple design, a few design tricks. Too many maps rely on you flicking a switch and then running to go through a distant door, e.g. Map05, which is irritating. Map10 starts crap but has a nice finale. Good sound replacement, inc. new rocket whoosh.x
prity good the gameplay is allrite and the overall dezine is prity good the new sounds are prity cool to but thair is only won thing i dont get.... what the hell dus this have to do with the iditarod?... 4/5 -simon cowel x

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