Title: Immortal
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/immortal.zip
Size: 1.88 MB
Date: 08/22/99
Author: Richard J. Sham
Description: The design of these wads spans three or four time periods thus the name Immortal. It also reflects the game itself. Many changes have occured and we have Quake, Boom, Xdoom and Zdoom to name a few. Some of them include nice enhancements but for me nothing matches the feel and play of the original game.

These levels are designed for all skill levels but they are not easy. UV is better left to the advanced players. All three skill levels present a good challenge and all are fun to play.

I recorded each level in UV as part of playtesting. It would be great to see them all recorded as fast as possible. If done I'm sure John Blackburn would post them on his Home Page. Or perhaps the fastest recording of each level by different people! PLease record, we'll post the fastest UV lmps.

The textures are beautiful and reflect what had to be a great amount of work on the part of the Gothic Crew. One of the wads is a showcase for all of the stained glass and was built especially for my wife, as was Camelot.
Credits: My son (Rich) for his encouragement. My friends Steve and Byarr for their encouragement. My friend John Blackburn for all his help and support. He encouraged me to build this megawad. He also created the title page and the deh patch to add the map titles and playtested and recorded every map in Grandmaster style! John is a good friend and a great player. He has a great Doom/2 Home Page at: http://www.john333.demon.co.uk/index.htm Many thanks to the Gothic Crew for the textures. Jens Hykkelbjerg for his RMB. Olivier Montanuy for his Wintex. Bill Neisius for Dmaud Digital Expressions for Midi2Mus. Igor Obraztsov for his Mustool.

Thanks to all!

My wife (with love) for inspiration and support.

id Software and the Deep team.
Base: New levels built from scratch.
Build time: Three months
Editor(s) used: Deep97
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)

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I disagree. From the start there are huge problems. You have lots of enemies and no ammo, just a berserk pack, which you must fight lots of imps and hell knights. Possible without *fast but who plays without *fast?x
This is a lot better than any of these reviews seem to imply! Each level completely stands out from the others, with interesting themes, which is nice, although it's true there's a lot of skinny corridors with many enemies, that's about the only thing I can fault in this WAD. 5/5. (and the gun noises are nice too!)x
Its great for fun play. Thnx!x
Kinda boring architecture. It's like running through a bunch of shoe boxes.x
These are 10 medium to large sized maps, not mindblowing in their appearance, but with some nice battles. Gameplay follows a pattern, however, which you get used to after a while: while you're walking through the large rooms and ambiences, doors are opening somewhere near you and crowds of monsters are released. You're given plenty of ammo and enough health to manage these problems. Overall, the wad isn't too special, but it was quite fun to play. 3.5/5 -Milianx
Lovely gameplay, intense and rather hard. Good graphics, quite original.x
Good graphics, but that is about everything that's good w/ this 10-lvl wad.x

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