Title: An Infernal Place v1.1
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/infdoom2.zip
Size: 173.16 KB
Date: 05/25/01
Author: Pablo Dictter
Description: The Doom2 version of "An Infernal Place". Some new sectors added.
Credits: To id for doom, and the author of wadauthor. To Patricio Escobar for Play testing.
Base: infernal.wad (doom version)
Build time: 20 minutes
Editor(s) used: Wadauthor - Wintex
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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that's good!x
April 2001. You fight 42 monsters in a modest little tech-dungeon with an E3 feel. It's simple as anything - three rooms, a tiny arena, some corridors that link 'em - but I enjoyed it. Toughest baddy is an archvile in a trap that is a little bit tricky; overall it's professionally done, feels like a tiny part of a good short megawad, odd ending where you die. Readme implies there's a Doom I version, but it's not in the archive.x
I liked this little wad. I had some trouble playing on my laptop with the keyboard but I finally beat it, and the demo is pretty cool! I was creative in getting by one tough section. Only complaint about the wad would be too much of the same gray gstone texture used through most of the map. But it is a nice map with nice touches. It took him 20 minutes to make. O_ To the reviewer below me: the keys are not left out, you are just an idiot.x
I dunno, maybe I'm an idiot, but it seems like shit was left out (i.e. the keys) and I hate searching in little areas for crap I can't find.x

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