Title: "Insertion" Map 02
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/insrt_02.zip
Size: 20.24 KB
Date: 07/09/95
Author: David Shaw
Description: This is Map 02 of a 10 Map "Episode" for Doom 2. The episode is "in construction," so your comments are welcome.
Credits: Theresa Chasar (co-author of the RAVEN levels) for her much appreciated help & Steve Benner, David Bruni, and the publishers of _Tricks of the DOOM Progam- ming Gurus_ for helping me say "Oh! So THAT'S what it's all about!"
Base: New Level From Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED Version 1.83 Beta
Bugs: None [If exist, Please Email]
Rating: (3 votes)
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This is a very crude version of Insertion's MAP02, an episode that would not be released until 1998. Presumably, David Shaw realized his early maps sucked and gained experience on other projects before finishing this episode. Check out the full episode(it has a glitched title), this is just a work-in-progress. 2/5x
I liked it - COOLx

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