Title: iron hall
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/ironhall.zip
Size: 282.95 KB
Date: 11/28/96
Author: Michael Krause
Description: 1 level WAD. Excessive attention given to the appearence of the level (texture selection, alignment, lighting).

I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine.
Credits: ID for DOOM2. Ben Morris for DCK. Special thanks to Massimo Ciano for the great sound conversion from Quake to DOOM 2. Please check out his great WAD "castleof.wad".
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: 5 hours, ...? no that's a joke
Editor(s) used: DCK v2.2 by Ben Morris.
Bugs: Small texture misalignments here and there, but not really noticable unless you look for them.
Rating: (12 votes)
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Good game play. I had just enough ammo and health to finish the level.x
his newer maps are way betterx
Wow. Quake 1 sound FX. Never expected that. Love it!x
With -fast and no saves this is quite a survival style map, took me some attempts: ammo is tight, monster placement is tricky, and there's only one armor throughout. And with the quake sound fx, the fast demons pose a similar threat like the quake fiends. First I also didn't like it, but playing several maps by this author, it's nice imo. 4*x
Indeed. You get a bunch of rooms one after the other. No secrets - you just go through each room one at a time, as if you were going through the levels of an old Nintendo game. To be fair, the gameplay isn't all that bad - there are lots of traps and a fair amount of action. It would deserve an extra star without the Quake sound effect (every monster goes "argh" when you shoot it, in the exact same way, even the monsters that don't have throats).x
This is a monotonous level. Each room looks much the same, with dull brown textures. The gameplay consists of entering a square room, clearing it of monsters, and then entering the next room and doing the same again. Sometimes you have to flick a switch in order to progress, sometimes you teleport. But the rooms are in a set sequence and it's totally linear, with very simple traps. There is a certain amount of fun in killing 350+ monsters, but you'll never play it twice.x
no crap, but gameplay and layout are boring 2/5x

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