Title: In Satan's Lair
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/isl.zip
Size: 55.9 KB
Date: 08/28/95
Author: Neil Howie
Description: After killing the big badass at the end of Doom2, you thought that was that, but although *most* of Hell was destroyed, the biggest badass - Satan himself - survived, and has kidnapped John Romero. You must go into Satan's Lair - or Quake may never be released...

You start out in Satan's lair and make your way slowly through to confront SATAN HIMSELF (who by a complete coincidence looks exactly like the Cyber-demon). After killing him with your rocket launcher, you find you can't see John Romero so you go on past a wierd Nazi cult and stumble into the Spider- demon's nest, where it is protecting it's son and one of it's eggs (which by another EXTREME COINCIDENCE looks like a blue skull key). You destroy Spidey with your BFG and go on to discover that you are too late... John Romero has not only been decapitated and his head put on a spike, but his mind has been possessed by the demon Nekcihc - leaving him in constant torment... Now you have to put him out of his misery and destroy Nekcihc to save humanity.

or something like that.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinDeu V5.24, Dmgraph
Bugs: switch behind Arch-vile in Satan's Lair doesn't register when, er, it is switched (as the wall in front of it is actually the switch)
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There is a parallel Earth where the Columbine killers were brainwashed by Doom II and became infamous, not for shooting up a school, but for cutting off John Romero's head and blowing it up. For all the readme's bluster this is just a series of undetailed, monotextured arenas with a handful of monsters in each - you can run through most of it and ignore them. It gets a bit more complex towards the end, but not enough. Behind the curve even for August 1995.x

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