Title: ITP1_v2c.WAD, Into The Pit 1 WAD for DOOM ][
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/itp1_v2c.zip
Size: 210.12 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Mikael Wiberg
Description: This version is for DOOM ][. Another version for DOOM (1) can be found in the DOOM directory and is basically the same except for a couple of the new monsters from DOOM ][. [Note by the uploader: The file, that Wiberg talks here about, is /levels/doom/g-i/itp1_v1b.zip in the /idgames ftp-archives.] This WAD started out as a test for what a WAD- editor can do since I recently found out you really can make your own WADs. Tip: there are a lot of illusionary walls around this place that's for sure. I should have replaced DEMO2 with an LMP but after 15 minutes the demo fucks up. So instead in the ZIP-file I included the LMP of me completing the WAD getting as many percent as I could, of course on ultra violence. The LMP seems to work fine but not if I (with DoomEd 3,0 alpha 8) convert it to a demo. Included in the WAD, at MAP02, is also an demo of my next WAD, or the next after that. DEMO1 is also replaced with a quite astonishing LMP of me getting no damage at all on ultra violence and getting to the end of the WAD (it is not ready yet which you certainly will see). Hey maybe I will make a whole new episode, who knows (your hateful or whatever Email will decide that (good thing it is'nt possible to send bombs via this type of mail (viruses are not welcome))).

Hints: In the lava-pit you should try to get on top of one of the pillars and then jump to the other, and then jump onto the ledge in the north wall long BEFORE this pillar reaches the ceiling. Watch DEMO1.

The monsters in the "monster-conference"-room need not be attacked square on, there are other ways. This goes for the whole level.
Base: New from scratch (ITP1_v1B.WAD for DooM v. 1.666, later converted to DooM2 v. 1.666)
Build time: Time? Time flies.
Editor(s) used: DoomEd 3,0 alpha, DoomEd 2,60 beta 4, IdBSPwat 1,0, IdBSP 1,0 and DOOM2WAD from EdMap. DOS sucks! Started out with DoomEd 2,60 beta 4,and after crashing my WAD a dozen times or so I found out that there is a limit of 180 sectors! Grunt! Went on to using DoomEd 3,0 alpha 8, and wondered why I had'nt started out with this from the beginning. After a short while I found out this version also has its limits, whether it is 216 sectors or 1300something nodes or lines or whatever (might also be IdBSPwat and IdBSP that has these limits). So I had to severely reduce my number of sectors (that's why you probably will wonder why some places seem to stop right after they have begun: elevator-room, nukeage-room, soldiers' quarters and the end(!)). Please-please-please Geoff Allan try and make your DoomEd next-version "limitless", and available yesterday or last week or something and of course DOOM ][ compatible (check out DOOMEDEX.ZIP where I have made additions to the file THINGS.DEF for DoomEd).
Bugs: Only a couple of spiders (quite small ones really). Level is slow even on a 486DX2-66 VLB (at least the one I tested it on), but what could be expected from a shitty old computer like that. Buy a real computer!
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OMG! Primitive and boring layout, boring texture use, on places overly dark + crossfire, a zillion of textured lines with shooting enemies behind, a zillion of non-hinted but essential secrets, incomprehensible gameplay and @ UV not enough ammo for being even remotely playable. Author clearly shows not to understand even remotely concepts like ambiance and gameplay. But hé, this is from 1994, so you can expext that. Overall not 0, but small 1* for the effort because in 1994 DB2 did not exist yet.x
Rated 3.4, MAP01, MAP02 A connected series of secret rooms with little other logic. Spend a day nose-grinding the walls looking for false walls, unmarked secret doors, and checking doors which open without looking open. May give up before you discover the way into one part of MAP01. Play in god mode, or savegame after every kill, for the first two rooms. Best play is probably difficulty 2, because of waves of monsters. x

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