Title: The Realm of the Joker
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/joker.zip
Size: 73.78 KB
Date: 05/12/06
Author: Jonathan Jordan
Description: The end of this level is different than most levels, I used the 'Head Boss' in the last room. All you have to do is shoot it a few times and the level will end.
Base: New from scratch
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This is dated May 1995. It's Map05. It's fairly ugly but good fun initially; you fight 146 baddies in a techbase / slime maze, and it's knockabout stuff, with a decent lot of action. You can skip a fair amount at the start if you're handy with a lift jump (I'm not if that's part of the gameplay; the level makes the essential yellow key an obtuse secret). The slime section has a good 3D feel although there's too much wandering, especially in the second half.x
146 monsters, large map. **/5. -MShazx

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