Title: KID
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/kid.zip
Size: 31.36 KB
Date: 06/13/95
Author: William Cochran
Description: This is a new and improved cochrans.wad. Not only have I added some awesome music to the level, but, I have made quite a few modifications to it. I took out the plasma and the mega sphere. Now, the level is TRUELY balanced. For all of you who have not played cochrans.wad your in for a treat. This level will eliminate the saying, "You only fragged me because I didn't have a weapon. You can domi- nate all the weapons." If you die you start in a seperate room with 3 weapons (chaingun, rocket, and shotgun). You then have your choice of teleporters that take you to different parts of the actual level. Pretty cool huh? Wait till you play it. Also, the only way to get the double barrel shotgun is to flick the switch and lower the lifts. All your opponents know exactly where you are because that is the only switch! So move fast. Also, it is possible to make it to the 2nd lift after flicking the switch. Have fun and enjoy one of the BEST deathmatch levels ever made.
Credits: Spanky on Dallas's Dwango for the music.
Base: From cochrans.wad which was from scratch
Build time: 3 long weeks
Editor(s) used: DEU2
Bugs: None, has been EXTENSIVELY tested.
Rating: (3 votes)
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I liked itx
A simplistic, dull 1995 map that's based on id=2157, a deathmatch level, although it would be rubbish in deathmatch because it's too linear. The remake introduces a bug whereby there's a red door that doesn't need the red key, or indeed any key. The map divides into four small section, an arena followed by some vats, then a small dungeon, and then an underground house a la Doom II's Map02. You can finish it in no time, and it's not much fun.x
hmmmm prity DAM hard x

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