Title: KILL! Zone
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/kill_z10.zip
Size: 1.14 MB
Date: 06/09/97
Author: Donald R. Howard / Heuristic Software
Description: A mini episode consisting of seven large maps. Story line ...... there is none! Just original DOOM fun .... "KILL or be KILLED". Nothing fancy, only well constructed maps with attention to texture alignment and error free wads. Designed for serious Doomer's and those who appreciate an infinitety for perfection.
Credits: id Software, Ben Morris and Zerius Development, Colin Reed, Jens Hykkeldjerg, Olivier Montanuy, Rickey Glisson, Marie Howard, Sal Santora, John Flanagan, Joe Ristuccia, Scotty Ray Warren (Where are you Scotty Ray?), Chris Torgersen, Bob Raganess, David W. Keefer, "Zink The Dink" (THANX ZD!), and the "Unknowns" that inspired me. "Thanx!"
Base: Scratch
Build time: 700+ hrs. (including testing & modifications)
Editor(s) used: DCK22: Doom Construction Kit v2.2 / Ben Morris & Zerious Devlopment
Wintex42: Windows texture editor v4.2 / Olivier Montanuy
RMB30: Reject Map Builder v3.0 / Jens Hykkeldjerg
Paint Shop Pro v3.0: Image editor / JASC
EnDoomer: End DOOM editor v1.0.1 / Zink The Dink
Bugs: None known.
Rating: (18 votes)
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These large maps are fun, easy (with heaps of ammo and powerups) and have elaborate but non-obvious progression. New music is ok but some of the sound replacements are terrible. An irritating gimmick is often used with monster closets hidden by walkthrough walls. Looks are generally ok for the time. I enjoyed maps 4&5 more, though I did have to open 5 in an editor because of a stupid unmarked lift. Overall this is good solid stuff that seems to have been overlooked. Excellent for early 96. 4/5 Sui Generisx
Getsu Fune
much like its sequel, it's got very large maps with somewhat confusing layouts. I liked this way more than its sequel, probably because the first level wasn't complete crap and it wasn't too switchhunty.x
7 wonderful maps. It baffles me that this wad has received so little attention over the years; even when it was released, I don't recall there being too much fuss about it.x
Another hidden gem. x
Awesome and big maps from '96. I didn't play from pistol start, except map01x
solid levels, but gameplay little boring and these new sounds... is just awful. **x
Hey! Who doesn't appreciate "an infinitety for perfection"?x

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