Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/killer2.zip
Size: 197.73 KB
Date: 03/03/96
Author: Donald E. Messer
Description: This is a series of levels for DOOM ][ designed to be challenging for even the most experienced players. For comparison, I have twice beaten Doom ][ on Ultra-Violence (including Level 30, and without cheat codes). My standard of difficulty is that I should be able to complete the level about half the times I attempt it. Only the first few levels are of proper difficulty for someone using -warp or cheat codes to reach them. Later levels expect you to arrive with ammo, armor, weapons, etc. I've only tested the game on Ultra- Violence, and I use all the secret areas in my calibration runs.
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most hard maps of 96's era i played so far...but difficulty isnt unfair as monsters count is mostly low and i love non-slaughter difficult maps... playtesting should highly appreciated..3rd map is my fav...random designs mostly... bit poor in texturing but gameplay mechanics are great.ignore previous review or less votes and grab it...its some classic stuff...x
i would give it a zero, but since its old i gues it migt have ben ok for its timex

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