Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/killer2.zip
Size: 197.73 KB
Date: 03/03/96
Author: Donald E. Messer
E-mail: dm6262a@american.edu
Description: This is a series of levels for DOOM ][ designed to be challenging for even the most experienced players. For comparison, I have twice beaten Doom ][ on Ultra-Violence (including Level 30, and without cheat codes). My standard of difficulty is that I should be able to complete the level about half the times I attempt it. Only the first few levels are of proper difficulty for someone using -warp or cheat codes to reach them. Later levels expect you to arrive with ammo, armor, weapons, etc. I've only tested the game on Ultra- Violence, and I use all the secret areas in my calibration runs.
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i would give it a zero, but since its old i gues it migt have ben ok for its timex

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