Title: Kowalski's Building Hell Ultra - 1999 Update
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/kk-build.zip
Size: 696.54 KB
Date: 12/28/98
Author: Michael Hopkins (aka Kowalski, now Digital Thought) email: michaelh@wire.net.au website http://www.w
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Randomly placed switches opening seemingly unconnected doors. Doors open then some randomly lock again. After finding a switch I can't remember having to back-track so much to try every previously locked door for a very long time and it was all too damned frustrating to be enjoyable. I really couldn't be arsed to try maps 2 & 3. x
starts slow but liked, and check map03x
I haven't played the original, which doesn't seem to be in the archive. Map01 is the main course. It's a large and ambitious nuclear plant thing. Very wandery, the puzzles are often frustrating, but I enjoyed it; the map feels like an adventure, and there's some clever pre-source port detailing. Map02 is similar but less inspired, it feels like a retread of UAC_DEAD (overturned truck, "crystal sector" stairway), Map03 is a kind of E1M8-a-like.x

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