Title: Kmetl Series
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/kmetl_13.zip
Size: 53.59 KB
Date: 05/02/98
Author: Kurt Kesler
Description: Kmetl_13 goes back to the Base style. I used some tough fighting ideas, so go slow!! I will be putting out a BOOM version of this WAD in a few more days.Look for a "kboom" series to start. They will replace my kbase series.
Credits: id-software.
Base: none
Build time: 12 days
Editor(s) used: Wauthor, Warm1.6.
Bugs: None known. Please tell me if you find any.
Rating: (2 votes)
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It's by Kurt Kesler. Don't be put off by the comments above. 5/5x
This is an almost militantly average level; it's well-made and there's lots of action, but it seems very old-fashioned and dull. It takes place in a factory of some kind, and it lots of square rooms and minor height variations. It has a disastrous opening section, in which you fight hitscan enemies in the dark. The Boom version is slightly more elaborate and has some mild special effects (instant teleport, a conveyor belt) but isn't any more entertaining.x

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