Title: Bury My Heart Knee Deep
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/kneedeep.zip
Size: 845.75 KB
Date: 12/27/18
Author: Ryath/scwiba
Description: *** IMPORTANT: Saving in vanilla (or Chocolate) Doom WILL crash the game due to the size of the map. If you want to save, you'll need a limit-removing port. ***

Bury My Heart Knee Deep is a huge, vanilla, E1- style map for Doom II that takes cues from Metroidvania game progression. It's bursting with optional areas, secrets, and potential sequence breaks. You can follow the "intended" path or make your own way through. You can even complete the whole thing without picking up a single key. If you like the map, I hope you'll play through two or three times and look for different ways you can beat it!

In true Metroid fashion, "upgrades" like the rad suit and light amp goggles are "unlocked" at certain points. There are also barriers scattered throughout the map that can only be opened using rockets. These are never required to progress, but they usually provide valuable ammo, health, and gear. Rockets are a precious commodity, so it's up to you: Do you fire all your rockets off to survive a tough fight, or save them to blast open a cache of healing items later?

Hurt Me Plenty is the recommended skill setting, especially if you're playing in vanilla or otherwise won't be saving. Ultra-Violence is too tough even for me to make it without saves, and ammo is very tight if you don't find many secrets.
Credits: id Software CodeImp, anotak, SlayeR, exl, Visual Vincent, and zokum -- creators of Doom Builder, DBX, SLADE, WhackEd 4, Doom Writer, and ZokumBSP respectively TITLEPIC font, AmazDooM, created by Amazingmax "Doom Textures for Doom II" pack by SargeBaldy Playtesters: anotak Bashe DavidXNewton HAK3180 kakhome1 Obsidian Sparks
Base: None
Build time: Initial design between March and September 2017, additional work May through August 2018, playtesting and tweaks September to December 2018
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder X, SLADE3, and WhackEd 4
Bugs: 1) Savegame buffer overloads are guaranteed in vanilla and Chocolate Doom. 2) There are a number of special, destructible barriers that rely on Doom's infinitely-tall objects to work. A MAPINFO fix is included to force infinitely-tall objects in many modern source ports, but some others may allow you to run over the barriers and easily access to a lot of stuff you shouldn't be able to. ZDaemon is the only specific port that I've confirmed doesn't work correctly here. 3) The MAPINFO lump prevents you from moving above or below any other object in ports that would usually allow that. Apologies to anyone who is used to being able to run over and under enemies, but... it had to be done. 4) A (Boom) sky transfer is used in three areas. In non-Boom-compatible ports, they'll just have the normal sky. 5) At least two small HOMs can be seen in vanilla due to drawseg overflows. They don't affect gameplay and you'll only see them if you stand in a certain spot and look in just the right direction, so I decided not to agonize over them.
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