Title: KNOB's Carnage! (for Doom ][ Only!)
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/knob.zip
Size: 23.72 KB
Date: 02/02/95
Author: Jeff
E-mail: knob@netcom.com
Description: This level is the first of more of it's type. It is pure carnage! I encourage the use of cheat-codes, in fact, I don't know if the level is possible without them. I love shooting things, and to me, that's the greatest thing about Doom ][. I took special care to make many monsters fight amongst themselves, as this adds to the "entertainment". Watch your back (as well as the next in the KNOB series.)!
Credits: Jeff Rabenhorst, the author of EDMAP 1.22. This is the best program for level editing!!! Hats off to you, Jeff! Also to my girlfriend, Toni, who thinks I love Doom more than her (not true)!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap 1.22
Bugs: Bugs? Not really bugs, but my doors aren't right yet, I haven't got the concept of sizing the doors quite right, but at least they work.
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I liked it - COOL - lots of ammo, health, and monsters + very playable - 30 keens can't be killedx
"I don't know if the level is possible without them"; if so, this is more down to poor design than difficulty. You get about four hundred odd monsters but you also get loads of ammo and health, and it's not at all hard, just a slog. I don't think texture alignment was a priority. The map is the kind of featureless, undetailed maze with random textures that was common at the time. Poor.x
i will have to agrea with the sarge on this won... 1/5 x
Not so good. * -sargebaldyx

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