Title: KTA Demo
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/ktademo.zip
Size: 2.02 MB
Date: 12/07/97
Author: Falling Star Productions
Description: You were on a mission. Your task was to get some information about what is happening on secret fortress somewhere in Nevada. You had 20 mens with you, but most of them are dead. Maybe all (I don't know are you playing Co-op :) ). Seems like gates of hell are opened again. 'How many times I must kill them before they are gone!' you think and grab your shotgun. 'Fuck I kill you!'.
Base: New levels from scratch of course
Build time:
Editor(s) used: * DETH - DooM Editor for Total Headcases - was used to make the levels.
* WinTex was used to import the new graphics and sound to KTA
* NWT - New Wad Tool - was used to collect all levels in one WAD
* DeHackEd was used to modify the DooM 2 exe
* DeuSF was used to merge graphics from DooM2 to KTA WAD file in installation
* EditPad was used to make the text- and html- files
* NetScape and Lynx were used to check the html-files
* Paint Shop Pro and NeoPaint were used for making graphics
* Canon Powershot camera and software were used to take a few pictures.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Beware: this wad + Doomsday is a machine killer. Random irrecoverable total screen lock ups. x
I played the first four levels before in the older kta.zip, so I started on map05 and liked the new maps.x
Four levels from 1997. Map01 starts badly, with a big empty dark sewer maze, followed by a multi-switch puzzle that kills you if you press the wrong switch. Map02 looks good (a moody jail at night, and then daytime) but takes no time to finish. Map03 is an unexceptional slimebase with some nice toilets. You can easily get stuck in one of the rivers. Map04 is a decent-looking church ruined by back-and-forth trigger/switch hunting. Poor.x
It's surprising this hasn't received more attention - it's definitely worth a look. If you run KTAPAK.EXE, this self-extracts a bunch of files - you just need KTA.WAD and KTA.DEH to play it using a port.x
Good, but with some gameplay flaws, especially in map01. Plenty of nice ideas and good design to compensate.x
this is prity boring... 2/5 x

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