Title: The lair
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/lair2.zip
Size: 329.52 KB
Date: 08/15/00
Author: Mike Cobb
Description: The level is a huge castle with many secret rooms and passages. Deathmatch is not supported because of the size of the level. The story is that you defeated the monsters in the US and now your commanders have sent you to England to help them rid their country of the infestation. While you are on a scouting mission you get cut off from your unit and a trerrible storm is coming. The only refuge from the storm is and old castle you can see off in the distance. When you finally get to the castle it is almost dark.

The files are: lair.zip-the wad file lairgfx.zip-the file for the music and suits of armor, tables ect. This file is not needed but makes the level neater. If you play without this some wall textures will not look right and there will be alot of red pillars in the level.
Credits: The creators of Deep, NWT, RMB and ID for the game that made all this possible
Base: new level from scratch
Build time: I didn't keep track but well over 100 hours
Editor(s) used: Deep v8.2, NWT v1.3, Rmb v 2.1
Bugs: There is a chance of visiplane overflows, but I think I have all of them fixed. Also some of the textures are not aligned properly The level runs a little slow on a 486/66 on skill level 4 because of the amount of monsters, running it on a 486/100 or pentium would fix this problem.
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Getsu Fune
bad bad bad. too many pickups, not enough gameplay, very confusing bland layouts of rooms. those sprites aren't really helping either.x
Castle theme,Repetitive,ton s of ammo/health,some new decorations and item sprites(leg-piece for medikits)i luckily finished it in 31 mins but absolutely no idea about progression.if you like Exploratory maps it is for you...x
holy fuckx
Beau grand tableau que j'ai quasi réussi a fast monster UV mais beaucoup trop de passages secrets sauf que le fun en multi players 4/5 - Eye'sx
it got a bit boring after a while but some of the graphix were neat 3/5x

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