Title: Lankhmar 1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/lankhmar.zip
Size: 1.03 MB
Date: 07/18/96
Author: Ben Noel
Description: A rather large level with lotsa everything. It is my first wad but don't be fooled. I have put many long hours into it. So much so that I decided that I would upload it now in fear that it would never be released. Don't get me wrong. I know of NO ERRORS or any sort. Anyway, you have three of keys/doors present each is different. One level is an exact duplicate of a level from Under World II. The others your have have to find out for yourself. Almost every hidden door/etc. has been indicated by an odd colour something or other or an offset brick/whatever.
Credits: id for making DOOM, DOOMII, and now Quake I utilized DCK and WinTex. Thanks to the authors
Base: All of this level was plucked from my mind and my mind alone... As for the sound wad ditto except for some Full Metal Jacket wavs I pulled from someones elses sound wad. I can't find the wad and I can't remember the guys name. If anyone knows him e-mail me as I would like to thank him... though I only used a few from his wad. Some of the sounds I lifted from various T.V. shows such as Monty Python, but most of them came from my own personal collection that I put together myself.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK, Wintex
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Stupid but fun. Though nothing to warrant anything more than an average score.x
This is dated July 1996. You fight 324 baddies in a large, undetailed dungeon level that's entertaining simply because there's a lot of fighting. It's technically ropey, with an emphasis on unmarked secret walls in dark mazes, loads of ammo, and the whole Ultima Underworld section is superfluous to the map (you'll probably never see it). But there's a lot of fighting. Thankfully the sound replacement wad is a separate file, so you don't have to use it! Bonus.x
This is a lot more fun than most first efforts I've played. The sound FX are also highly ingratiating, particularly if you've been a Python fan since boyhood.x

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