Title: Lord Roberts Doom 1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/lordrob.zip
Size: 17.32 KB
Date: 05/18/95
Author: Ian Koropatnick
Description: Shaped exactly like my school. LORD ROBERTS HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY DEMONS FROM HELL!! Has got a nice ring to it.
Credits: My friend Peter who supplied me with ideas. version 1.2 will include Snoopy. You have to be in grade sven at Lord Roberts to understand.
Base: Scratch, zippo started alone
Build time: # weeks
Editor(s) used: Dommed 4.2
Bugs: There is a hllway that seems to follow you
Rating: (3 votes)
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2* just for being made by a 12 year oldx
This is surely the very first parody level. It's awful in so many ways; you start off looking at a giant and unmissable hall of mirrors effect. The doors are all bugged. The level is just a few large square rooms. When you go upstairs there is a spider mastermind trapped in a too-short room (oddly, the spider is immobile in Zdoom, but will turn around and kill you in Doom2.exe). You have to find the blue key to open a door... to an empty room. There's no exit.x
Lags my copy of jDoom to a crawl. Shooting crashes jDoom.x

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