Title: Lovinger Outpost for Doom 2 or MBF
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/lovinger.zip
Size: 914.01 KB
Date: 12/26/99
Author: Dan Patanella
Description: The Lovinger Outpost is a series of adventures on an alien world. These levels range from green marble fortresses, bleached sandstone aquaducts, the hollowed-out innards of a volcano, a fiendishly designed fortress near the end, and what's left of a once-peaceful UAC retreat in the woods. Each level is mid-sized, and some of them should be especially challenging in deathmatch.

Your mission: stay alive while the nasty demonspawn try to hunt you down!

Enjoy the nice scenery and the new graphics!
Credits: Len, Rez, Captain Zen, and I all playtested the levels. Aside from that, Rez contributed mightily to the conception of several of the Aquaduct-style levels. Captain Zen jumpstarted everyone's creativity when he joined the project and donated an earlier version of his "Blunder Lodge," including a couple of neat graphics. The good Cap'n also organized our mailing list. And Len was not only the alpha playtester, and contributor of great ideas, but was also the glue that held our motley crew together. Without the above team, none of the levels in this package would be as fun as they are. If you really liked any of this package, it's probably because they did a great job at turning a rough idea into a nice series of levels. Kudos to Rez, Len, and Captain Zen!

Iikka Kerrnen created the IKATEX graphics that pop up from time to time. The seasoned Doomer will recognize these immediately. Aside from those, and Captain Zen's Blunder Lodge animations, all new graphics were my work, with alterations suggested by Rez and Len.

Raven for the Hexen tree graphics and sounds.
Base: New levels from scratch, plus several sectors cannibalized from my unreleased levels. Oh yes, and the levels fordham.wad and lodge.wad that I created for Ultimate Doom.
Build time: I'm a slow worker. You have NO idea how long it took. :)
Editor(s) used: various versions of DEU, DETH, Waded, DCK, BSP, ZenNode
Bugs: The Spiderdemons? (drumroll please) :)
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Decent set of nonlinear maps with cute graphics. Nothing puts the fear of hell in you like a door framed with a cute kitten face.x

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