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This is a map I created inspired by Doom 2's MAP01. I came up with the idea for a MAP01-type level way last year when the MAP01 slot for Freedoom was open, and I figured that it'd be a simple level to do. However, my little brother decided to free up...Date:08/13/03
Size:46.78 KB
Author:John Wantland

The Machine
Just your typical tech level with some gore mixed in....Date:08/10/05
Size:30.36 KB
Author:Jacek "Illdo" Dobrzyniecki

Pro-Macintosh Doom][ Wad Also enclosed is a JPEGed logo for MacDoom Wad Pages, the best site that is usually updated constantly. (where I get all my editors)...Date:05/11/96
Size:86.24 KB

My first three levels which are really enjoyable. Please don't cheat on the first two levels. They can be beaten without cheating easily....however....the third one is a lil' harder to beat without cheating.....heheeheheheheh...Date:08/19/97
Size:140.12 KB
Author:Gaurav Bedi

More madness than ever before. Better than old madness2 wad....Date:08/19/97
Size:30.85 KB
Author:Gaurav Bedi

Prepare yourself for the final addition to the Madness Trilogy. An extremely difficult and complex level for doom2. ONLY recommended for experienced doomers. Can be tricky at parts....Date:09/11/97
Size:88.27 KB
Author:Gaurav Bedi

This level is the conclusion to the first three madness levels, with my architectural detail and skill becoming better and better. I know I said that before about madness3, but this time I really mean it. I think I've made my last doom2 wad but rest ...Date:06/10/98
Size:77.61 KB
Author:Gaurav Bedi

(lEVEL FOR DOOM2) This is a level, designed for both single player and co-op...Date:05/17/97
Size:82.47 KB
Author:Mark Davis

(lEVEL FOR DOOM2) This is a level, designed for both single player and co-op...Date:05/29/97
Size:35.38 KB
Author:Mark Davis

MagEwaD [Version 1.2] {Nice number}
Three levels for doom ][. Architecture, lights, fun....Date:01/07/05
Size:182.48 KB
Author:Matej "Mages" Zary

great deathmatch level...Date:05/11/98
Size:59.39 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Magic Man
great deathmatch level...Date:05/28/98
Size:43.17 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

MagnuM got Banned
4 levels by MagnuM (aka Xaphan), and weapons by Cory Whittle...Date:11/29/04
Size:617.75 KB
Author:Xaphan (also known as MagnuM) - weapons by Cory Whittle

Magnum Opus V1.0
A huge single-level WAD with a canyon, an underground complex and some sewers. Lots of spectacular scenery and intricate lighting......Date:07/07/96
Size:175.31 KB
Author:John Bye (aka Spook)

Sgt. Magnus
: "So, what did ya think....MARINE...No you didn't DID YA! We don't send you JugHeads out to meet Hells Horde's without some x-tra trainin'... So... if ya wanna be Special Forces.... you gotta show us something SPECIAL! We got a little training cours...Date:08/22/95
Size:58.32 KB
Author:Dr Bombay

Magwa's Red Dream
Your dreaming, you know you are, you can wake up anytime. There is no sense in wasteing a good dream so why not kill a few baddies. This dream world is a red hellish nightmare. Monsters are everywhere. Your taking hits and... wait, your not supposed ...Date:07/22/98
Size:111.3 KB
Author:Hardy Davis

One exploratory map made using exactly 1500 lines. I started it over 18 months ago for that Mayhem 2015 project but back then the process stalled after 500 lines. A few days ago I stumbled upon it in my TEMP folder (what, files can survive in there f...Date:02/05/17
Size:156.54 KB

MAIN2.WAD (MAIN2D2.WAD --Doom 2 Version) is just a slightly revised version of my first Doom level. Mainly, it was revised to fix small textures errors (not much) and expand a far wall outside of the house. That's it. The below description is what...Date:08/16/15
Size:103.41 KB
Author:Guy M. Babin

MajorCrap.WAD: an extremely crappy level
This is a contest entry for the ZDoom forums Crappy Wad Competition. It is a joke wad, and does not accurately portray my mapping ability. It is currently my only released DooM level, as I am working on a team project and 6 of my own projects as of n...Date:06/28/05
Size:7.15 KB
Author:Brendan "ace" Egan

MAK's Doomdom for Doom ][
The original MAKDOOM series ported to Doom ][... Four classic Doom levels complete with all three keys, traps, secret doors, and of course, lots of targets. These levels are an attempt to mirror the mood and detailed maps that made the original gam...Date:03/09/95
Size:731.75 KB
Author:Martin A. Krebs "The MAK"

This PWAD is a five-level epilogue. The levels are described in detail below. There are new sounds, graphics, textures and demos....Date:07/13/97
Size:415.88 KB
Author:Marcus Malden

malgnant.wad (malignant.wad)
: Check out the psychodelic titlepic graphic replacement! This is a rather large level based on three large government-style buildings surrounded by pavement and grass. Lots of monsters, ammo and health for a continuous fight....Date:03/05/95
Size:111.78 KB
Author:Douglas Ryerson

Malignant Manor
You have inherited a mansion in the British Isles in the town of Dunkeld. When you attempt to take possesion you find you have some squatters to contend with....Date:01/20/11
Size:147.69 KB
Author:J.L. Paul

Xmas Tech Base
A speedmap I did on Christmas eve it kinda has a Difficulty Settings implemented...Date:12/25/09
Size:31.9 KB
Author:Andrew "Malinku" Rehberger

Mancubas ala Gstone
Wow, just when you thought you'd seen enough Mancubases!...Date:08/19/95
Size:11.45 KB

6 GREAT LEVELS...Date:01/03/98
Size:136.64 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

After restoring partial peace on earth, you make your way back home to find your family has been captured by terrorists. You go to the terrorists base to rescue your family. Before you even get in, the terrorists capture you. They tell you that you w...Date:02/02/95
Size:56.3 KB
Author:Danny Hyde

Maniac (DOOM ][ PWAD)
This PWAD is our first joint effort. A manic, mostly single player/co-op game. Enjoy. If you are offended by swearing you're a wuss and you shouldn't be playing this WAD....Date:01/13/97
Size:101.35 KB
Author:Pete Barnett, Steve Crowder

You just teleported into a heavily-guarded facility. Your girlfriend is nowhere to be found. The Hell Knight in front of you is not an acceptable alternative, so time to get moving......Date:11/27/09
Size:202.07 KB
Author:Chris Wright

MANiFEST A DooM ][ Level made from scratch
After you defeat all the badass bosses in doom Its time to move on now is the time to enter the MANiFEST....Date:10/13/94
Size:12.34 KB
Author:Chris Elly Jonathan Elly

The Manor
This WAS a DM map but now it's single player... you can try it on Deathmatch too, all the stuff is still there... (hint- the ledge in the courtyard can be lowered. Also, think about what you're going to do, there are to many monsters to just rush in ...Date:01/24/99
Size:102.09 KB
Author:ruineR (Maury de Geofroy)

The Manor
This is a revised version of the Manor WAD. I fixed a few bugs and added some textures to the bar room. This is a medium size level. It has plentiful monsters and plenty of ammo and health if you're careful.You must find keys or switches to get to th...Date:09/27/95
Size:113.72 KB
Author:Ray Wallace

ManoWar Part II - The Triumph of Steel. "The last chance for Honor & Glory is in your hands."
A file that contains some new sounds changes, some new music, a new map & also some new graphics. You should use a modern engine to play this WAD file....Date:12/14/02
Size:543.33 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

You're in a mansion....Date:09/20/95
Size:101.31 KB
Author:Tim Nelson

Von Helsings Mansion
Size:302.27 KB
Author:Kevin L. Roels

Your in a mansion/house and you want to get out...Date:06/19/00
Size:14.97 KB
Author:B. Parker

(lEVEL FOR DOOM2) This is a level, designed for both single player and co-op...Date:06/28/97
Size:85.31 KB
Author:Mark Davis

My 1st level. It's not that big or hard but it can be hard on the higher levels of difficulty. Not much special....Date:08/03/96
Size:8.84 KB
Author:Robert Dudley

The second level I have made. No real theme, just kick some demon butt!!...Date:07/21/97
Size:16.78 KB
Author:Robert Dudley

Not in my courtyard
Vanilla map inspired by "The Courtyard", one of my favorite levels from Doom II. It can be tough on ammo, so aim carefully and make use of monster infightings where possible. If you still have problems, try lower skills: the start will be a lot easie...Date:09/03/11
Size:107.87 KB

This level is similar to map 30 in the original DOOM II. You get armed to the teeth and blow away the Icon of Sin. I got the textures of the boss right on the first try! I hope to create a new episode with this level....Date:02/12/97
Size:8.22 KB
Author:Ian Chipman

This level is level 7 of my 32 level Doom game. I am creating a whole new game out of Doom 2. With New sounds New Graphics. New music new everything. I WOULD ALSO LIKE YOUR HELP. You can also make levels for me. I only want two levels. But ask m...Date:02/26/96
Size:26.69 KB

MAP07 Clone
Just your generic MAP07 level, similar in design to id's own....Date:05/10/09
Size:7.44 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Map set #1
This is my first mapset for doom2. I have just started to learn doom builder and i know these levels isn't much to look at but i tried to make them fun and challening and i tried fixing as many bugs i could find so i hope there's none left but im not...Date:10/30/08
Size:98.43 KB
Author:Daniel Steinert

A nice Marble-themed DM level for fun....Date:01/20/04
Size:55.32 KB
Author:Blackheart Lee

A 5-level WAD for Doom II. After strolling through hellish catcombs, you emerge in a greenish pasture. A large fortress lies in front of you. Taking a few steps, you realize you're not alone, and bars descend from the ceiling blocking your way back...Date:11/10/10
Size:179.53 KB

Marble Grave Version 1.0 (The Final Version)
Play it and find out for yourself!...Date:01/07/97
Size:56.69 KB
Author:Nick Gawel AKA "Meat Grinder"
You are called to a building that has been invaded by demons to clear them out. It is believed that they got in through the underground tunnels that the owners found. They locked the door that led to that area with a key in order to prevent more from...Date:09/21/00
Size:38.38 KB
Author:Robert Dudley

The Marble Maze
Oh, about the level--it's very big but it should be fast even on slower computers. I designed it more for style than difficulty, so you hardened DOOMers may be able to do this in your sleep. But watch out, there are a few unkind surprises! All weap...Date:11/27/00
Size:40.44 KB
Author:Scott Earnest

This WADfile contains 4 substitute levels for DOOM II They're simple, but they're my first levels......Date:03/29/95
Size:49.89 KB
Author:Jemil Marcos

Size:81.43 KB
Author:Jussi Tuononen

The story aint complicated. Get the blue skull key and escape. That ought to be easy, you think, but when that f***** key always seem to escape your grasp, things get more complicated. That's good, because you want a challenge, ...Date:03/06/00
Size:66.69 KB
Author:Patrik Höglund

Marine's Folly
A place you don't want to wander around without means of defending yourself....Date:06/21/11
Size:74.16 KB
Author:Mr. Chris & valkiriforce

Marine Games
This file replaces MARGAMES.WAD which had a slight problem with the stair crusher if death occurred in co-operative or deathmatch. You've been captured by the bad guys and tortured during their "medical experiments". Now they want to test your abil...Date:09/16/96
Size:113.66 KB
Author:Matt Sollars

Marine Doom!
Great. After you wiped the evil demons off the earth and hell(you think), strange things start happening at UAC. Something has gone wrong there and it turned all the marines against you. You know that UAC has all the weapons from the lowly pistol to ...Date:02/08/98
Size:98.8 KB

In their invasion of earth, the demons had taken a market next to city hall, a primary peice in the final attack and capture of New York City. With SWAT teams putting together plans outside the premesis, you take it as your job to do all the work. Yo...Date:09/27/96
Size:37.63 KB
Author:Jay Cook

Mark's Maps
CASTLE.WAD: This is a massive castle. It has been taken over by big, bad mutant things. Kill 'em all and exit. (how original) EGYPT.WAD: An evil Egyptian dictator has created a synthetic Valley of the Kings, and has built an underground bio-warfare...Date:05/12/06
Size:426.53 KB
Author:Mark Aburrow

A Very unique Level for DOOM2....Date:02/03/98
Size:104.38 KB
Author:William Green

Very large tech base designed for single player or co-op. No real story behind this level. It was just some thing new to co-op in... :)...Date:02/28/04
Size:58.42 KB
Author:Stealthy Ivan

The Light WAD
No amazing plot/storyline......Date:03/03/14
Size:14.99 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Masacre 2
Size:47.88 KB

This wad has a combination of wide open areas and narrow hallways with several traps throughout. I tried to leave plenty of ammo a few gifts here and there. I tried to make it satisfy several tastes and tried to make it fairly difficult....Date:09/16/96
Size:33 KB
Author:Bryan Cady

Massacre II
This is a file made originally for Doom. I converted to Doom II and made use of Doom II's texteures, monsters, etc. It also Includes a fourth level that is not on the original, plus an extra secret room in the third level. The game was originally mea...Date:05/29/96
Size:135.84 KB
Author:Jason Lewis

There are many brain twisting PWADS on the internet where you get crazy finding your way through, or have to figure out how to kill hundreds of monsters with only six bullets. These three maps are designed to give you a happy slaughter time. There is...Date:06/23/96
Size:1.04 MB
Author:Clemens Lehnert

A very fun and hard level, but not too hard because I can beat it....Date:08/27/96
Size:205.49 KB
Author:Ryan Wood & David Hosei

This is my first wad, there are more to come.. I hope you like this level as much as I and my beta-testers....Date:07/03/97
Size:40.84 KB
Author:Markku Steen

MASSACRE (new episode)
New episode for DOOM2 (3 levels)...Date:01/27/96
Size:113.54 KB
Author:Martin STACHE, Matthias SACHER

great Sigle/cooperative level...Date:12/11/97
Size:46.95 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

MASTER_J, make yourself a WAD file master designer.
A file that contains some new architecture designs, a lot of tricks, and a variety of elements. You can use any engine to play this WAD file....Date:02/05/01
Size:102.59 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

Take on hell spawn in a highschool setting you could only find in DOOM II. The level is fully equiped with lockers (with strange contents), teachers (Ha! take THIS Mrs. Bolton! BOOM!), students (poor saps, put them out of their misery), a floating pr...Date:03/19/95
Size:135.92 KB
Author:Jason Franklin

Perdition's Maw
Hell has taken over the Earth and you are the only hope. You must journey to the underworld and fight Satan's spawn with deadly force. You start in a courtyard and work your way to the darkest pits of hell. Intense deathmatch action. Has unique origi...Date:07/27/03
Size:278.62 KB
Author:Matt Bollier

Complete 'n Total Mayhem!
MAP1 : COMPLETE 'n TOTAL MAYHEM! Alone is fun but although BIG all rooms are also big so DM can be Great Fun :))...Date:01/10/98
Size:39.53 KB
Author:The Dark Lord!

The Maze
A small level featuring lots of confined monsters. A great Tyson level (pistol, choppers & fists) This is also the first level I have posted anywhere...Date:06/26/95
Size:17.93 KB
Author:Antony Gibson

The Ultimate Maze
Size:187.98 KB
Author:Your name here

Maze of DooM(!!!!!)
Labyrinth randomly generated with a neat little program I found. Before it was a Doom 2 level, it looked a bit like something from Larn. :) The thing here is, the maze is one continous sector, so all the guys hear you from the very beginning. It ca...Date:01/25/95
Size:22.94 KB
Author:Rylan Hilman

Maze (An unimaginatively named Doom][ Wad!)
I began creating this level with the intention of making it into a 'maze' like dungeon, but as things progressed other ideas became a little more interesting!! I've done quite a few other levels, but none quite as enjoyable as this one! I haven't t...Date:11/26/95
Size:38.94 KB
Author:Paul Hetherington

Maze of Frustration
Welcome to the Maze of Frustration, the most challenging level for Doom2. The level is made up of 16 identical rooms, each with 4 teleporters in them and every room has an arrow. Red teleporters work while silver teleporters don't work. Certian rooms...Date:08/13/06
Size:51.76 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Modifying Maze
It's tricky to get out of the first room and into the action. The maze at the end is self-modifying so you can't get out the same way you get in. And if you don't have the plazma gun, don't go into the maze. Hey, lemme know....Date:09/30/95
Size:50.36 KB
Author:James Mitchell

A 6-map episode imitating newbie design, to fuck with some lazy kid who offered 5$ for people to put functioning doors and lifts in his mapset that is also called MAZE OF DEATH that he hasn't even made yet. I decided to make this quick and haphazard ...Date:02/24/20
Size:112.78 KB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)

Meatballs 2: Night Mission
The second set of maps from the Meatballs "series"...Date:01/20/15
Size:331.37 KB

The Military Base
This is a Military Base. As the name says, it's a technical place, such as the Doom shareware episode levels. All skill settings are there, so everyone can play! UV skill can be hard, but there's enough ammo to kill all monsters -- if you find it! Th...Date:05/15/01
Size:112.64 KB
Author:Ilkka Kunttu

Size:2.07 MB

Maps by my 6 Year Old Son
Five short Doom II levels: MAP01 - Doom Station of the Devil MAP02 - Doom of the Fearier MAP03 - the Dead Room of Doom MAP04 - Blood Street MAP05 - Never Survived...Date:12/27/12
Size:16.17 KB
Author:Dylan Ellis Bourke

Multiplayer map, can be played in single player mode (A LOT of monsters are in there for four player co-op). It's a big bunker in the middle of four smaller ones....Date:07/20/07
Size:36.12 KB
Author:Dan Ferro

Multiplayer map, can be played in single player mode (A LOT of monsters are in there for four player co-op). It's a big bunker in the middle of four smaller ones. MBunk2 adds some improvements after a lot of playtesting by me....Date:07/21/07
Size:39.96 KB
Author:Dan Ferro

Novice's House
Another small experiment made by me, reminds me of early 90's community maps....Date:10/11/14
Size:11.36 KB

Mystic Crates
A little base-themed map I've made in September 2016. You must explore a mysterious base full of crates !...Date:02/12/18
Size:57.68 KB

Mustache Doom
My last map was an entry to Metabolist's Wad-in-a-week contest -- it was called The Archvile's Revenge (for good reason). This one is the Cyberdemon's revenge. Most players will want to play Hurt Me Plenty(if anything)... UV is geared for the Cyber-f...Date:08/22/01
Size:20.83 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

Murder Death Kill
It seemed like everyone beat doom2 even before the game was out so I decided to even the score a bit. This wad will hurt you-bad. Its not gonna be gentle like before....Date:10/29/94
Size:51.5 KB

Meat Fortress
MY first released WAD. It's an updated DOOM I level I made back in 97' for DOOM II. I recentley got back into level design, and thought I may as well release it. I like it anyway....Date:06/12/99
Size:27.21 KB
Author:Richard Britt

Area 666
This is my second released WAD, and is my latest attempt at a level. It's a short single player map only, and I have no plans to make it a Death Match map. It's only intended for people who want a quick challenging blast without too many special effe...Date:06/12/99
Size:100.54 KB
Author:Richard Britt

What do you expect from this map? It's typical plutonia map with crude name, mixed layout, chaingunner/revenant spam, walls in thickets, instant traps, e.t.c ......Date:09/12/14
Size:119.87 KB

Size:58.23 KB
Author:Kurt V. Hindenburg

Size:16.64 KB
Author:Moe Joe

This baby's large, it's full of monsters. And the DA'S on your pink little butt. YOUR MISSION! To enter the Inferno-fested, worm-ridden, twisting-twiddling, little hole. Kill all in 24 hours (Actually, there's no time limit.) through 5 lo...Date:08/24/96
Size:192.07 KB
Author:Johnny Wallbank

Mega Phase
Designed for Single Player/Co-Op and DM. (not just one or the other.)...Date:05/08/04
Size:161.23 KB

Those UAC bastards thought they could trip me up by embedding a mockup of my house in their underground complex. Well, I'm not quite that stupid. They forgot the sky and most of my furniture, and I would never store my shotgun in the kitchen. Thank G...Date:04/14/11
Size:191.67 KB
Author:Karl Minor

A warped and twisted WAD, with puzzles, mayhem, a sense of humour... and more mayhem! It has been playtested and is definitely do-able at ultra-violence level without cheating....Date:10/16/98
Size:70.33 KB
Author:Derry Cooke (a.k.a. Dermot Cooke)

Pretty simple map today, just blast some monsters and that's it....Date:06/21/14
Size:884.28 KB

* Years ago I DM'd an AD&D (TM, etc.) game; the Castle Meniscus was one of many castles in the world of Cereberus; if response to this level is good, there may be sequels based on some others. * This game was designed primarily as a Single- Player ga...Date:11/12/95
Size:113.95 KB
Author:Chance Crowder

Menzoberranzan v2.0
Ultra Deathmatch for 4 players(suggested) Can be played 1-4 player...Date:08/16/95
Size:80.58 KB
Author:Doug Erickson

Deep in the jungles of South America, the United Nations has hired you, a well-trained mercenary to attack and destroy a military base that is a threat to the security of the United Nations of the world. Your only weapons, a knife and a 45. Your targ...Date:07/04/21
Size:98.48 KB
Author:Matt Bollier

Mercura 3-Level Co-Op
Three-level co-op WAD. All levels are conversions of my single-player maps (hopefully for the better.) It may be somewhat difficult playing alone....Date:08/06/08
Size:120.34 KB

Merlin's Revenge
This level is a little slow at times, but I was going after the look....Date:04/05/06
Size:86.68 KB
Author:Jonathan Jordan

Merlin's Universe (Fifth Release)
This is a collection of three of my best levels. As levels go, they are large, intricate, and very enjoyable. Although they may seem downright challenging at first, these levels are indeed beatable on all difficulties. However, I am quite sure it wou...Date:05/13/96
Size:210.91 KB
Author:Merlin of Pleth

We worked on this wad together for several months, each person had a week and then passed the wad on. It turned out quite successful and the process was steady. We chose upon a tech-ish theme since we already familiar with that style, and Doom was ma...Date:06/19/03
Size:283.96 KB
Author:Brad Spencer and Karthik Abhiram

Metal doom][
My first level constructed for DOOM ][. Feedback always welcome. I used primarily the new textures from DOOM ][ because they are, well, new. I of course threw in some of the new monsters. This level is, like the MUD series of wads (not by me), absolu...Date:12/30/94
Size:42.08 KB
Author:Douglas Ryerson

Just a bunch of stuff I thought of. Name comes from the primary wall texture....Date:08/15/03
Size:60.29 KB
Author:Tim Williams

Metal Assault
Some simple map with metal and stuff...Date:10/13/04
Size:25.37 KB

A large new level for Doom 2. Replaces level 13. The city level in Doom2 was always my favorite. I've wanted to make my own ever since I started building wads! E-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:11/21/97
Size:84.88 KB
Author:Michael Reed

After saving Phobos, destroying Hell,...Date:01/03/11
Size:135.14 KB

Play it to experience it! Not bad for my first WAD......Date:07/16/08
Size:71.85 KB
Author:Mark Holtkamp

Mission Impossible
Just run the Mission.bat file and a full description will be available. I think that the level should be played in one life (no saving and loading games). It makes it more of a challenge. It was designed to be playable in one life, so saving and load...Date:07/29/96
Size:173.78 KB
Author:Giac Veltri

Size:398.82 KB
Author:Rob Jones (M.D., CAPT, MC, USAF; Harvard '85)

MIA Search and Rescue 1 -- The Lost Mission Revision 3 -- SubGenius Release
You have been teleported into the...Date:05/01/96
Size:802.64 KB
Author:Rob Jones (M.D., CAPT, MC, USAF; Harvard '85); AKA Dr. Archvile; AKA Rob (Not-Bob) on alt.slack

MIA Search and Rescue II
Size:68.45 KB
Author:Rob Jones (M.D., CAPT, MC, USAF; Harvard '85)

Micro Plutonia
3 very much Plutonia-inspired maps. Some trivia: The last map (06) was first finished 2010 for Plutonia Revisited, but was omitted from the project so I released it seperately. The other two are new maps. Note that these maps are placed as map04-06, ...Date:09/17/11
Size:302.64 KB
Author:Mattias Johansson

A micro-episode for doom2, five levels of nasty violence. Start with Twists, then try Jim's House, followed by My Condo, Then Demonic dominoes & end in the Pit of Dispair. Also has the sounds! ENJOY......Date:08/04/06
Size:890.32 KB
Author:Blackfist1 (aka Jonathan Holman, aka Blackfist)

2 New levels in one wad...Date:05/25/96
Size:19.78 KB
Author:Michael Wheeler

Size:116.52 KB
Author:Michiel Magnée,

Mike 1 ver.1.2
This is a large traditional doom level with many tricks and puzzles to try to work through. It features many tricks and mass killing! It is also a cool Deathmatch Level....Date:07/03/95
Size:85.44 KB
Author:Mike McCollum

Mike2.wad for Doom2
A huge butt-kicking wad with all kinds of new junk....Date:01/05/01
Size:156.23 KB
Author:Mike McCollum

Military Artifact
It's my first map and it's terrible, but I decided to share it. I will be uploading more maps in the future!...Date:10/12/14
Size:5.11 KB

Mill 2
I created this non-official vanilla compatible sequel to Mill from TNT Evilution as tribute to one of my all time favourite maps. Many elements in this level are inspired by its predecessor to try an mimic the same atmosphere and play style. Hopefull...Date:04/24/13
Size:187.3 KB
Author:Craig "Six" Farndell

MindScape Inc. (mind.wad)
You are a marine sent in to investigate a building with strange reports of "alien sightings." (I hope MindScape Inc. isn't a real company. If it is, please tell me, I'll change it, and things will be okay. :)...Date:08/20/98
Size:36.76 KB
Author:Adam Jacob Czarnecki

The Mine
A stage based on an abandoned mine of some sort. I guess the old plot of monsters invading the mine would work, but it's a damn fine level. I've moved on to other things, but every now and then I play this level just to remind me how good DOOM can be...Date:05/12/06
Size:136.14 KB
Author:Matthew Wegner

Mine Camp
Single/Co-Op level where players battle through a mine....Date:07/25/09
Size:124.53 KB

Mineral Mine
Mineral Mine Is An Underground Adventure In A Mine In Peru. You Have Been Sent There To Investigate A Lost Contact With The Mine. Once You Get There, You Realize That Something Is Seriously Wrong....Date:01/15/98
Size:31.41 KB

Mineral Mine v.2.0
A Level Based In A Mine In Peru. Contact Has Been Lost With The Mine. Your Job? Search The Mine And Find Out What's Gone Down, Look For Survivors If A Major Disaster Happened. But Be Careful.......Date:04/11/99
Size:42.25 KB

MINES.WAD version 1.1
Go down the mine tunnels. Kill the bastards. Destroy the biggest one by shooting its FRAGGING BRAIN INTO FRAGGING PIECES!...Date:03/29/96
Size:87.54 KB
Author:Iikka "Fingers" Keränen

Mines of Titan v1.1
Dumped in the middle of a mining base on Titan, a moon of Saturn, you must acquire three keys to find the exit hidden in the mining headquarters. Since the natives are definitely NOT friendly an exit is a nice thing to find....Date:07/10/03
Size:239.15 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Mean Mines
A short and relatively easy map, located in mines....Date:07/09/05
Size:20.75 KB
Author:Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki

Mines of Death for Doom ][
I created this level specifically for Doom 1.6 with deathmatch v2.0 in mind. I retextured it and added monsters and weapons for Doom ][. It's a little harder than MINEWAR.WAD (the Doom version). It's also (in my opinion) fleshed out a little better. ...Date:07/20/95
Size:55.36 KB
Author:Richard Martin

Icon Of Sin ][
It is just a another version Of The Icon Of Sin(level...Date:06/07/95
Size:6.39 KB
Author:Chris Warren

Single level with lots of new graphics. This is a sequel to the Pleiades level where you captured the starship pleiades. (you may wish to download Pleiades, which can be found at the same sites as this level under the names and Pleiade3....Date:09/18/97
Size:422.37 KB
Author:Roger Ritenour

Mission In Ramatahatta (MIR)
This is my BEST, LARGEST and most DETAILED map EVER! It is also the first to have a proper background story... See below for the story and "Fun Things To Do In Ramatahatta"!...Date:01/09/98
Size:203.43 KB

I tried to make Misery be a good deathmatch level. it hasn't been network tested,but i don't think you'll have any problems,my nephew and i tried it on the modem,we had no trouble in coop or dmatch play. Enjoy.... (Map04 comin at ya soon)...Date:04/01/95
Size:60.61 KB
Author:Phil Burnham

Dungeon of Misery
My first map. An agonizingly difficult hell-revealed style level with some extra twists....Date:01/30/10
Size:78.19 KB

Miskatonic Trip
This is a five level mini-episode for Doom 2, Map01,02,04,05 are made from scratch except Map03 which is one I have made before but I didn't release it. Miskatonic Trip: You have been called in the middle of the night to do some Demon-cleansing in ...Date:12/20/17
Size:510.22 KB
Author:Dalvi Dandy

This pWAD started as several separate experiments into custom graphics and lighting effects. You are also (vitually) limited to the missile launcher throughout the level, which you might think would make things easier!...Date:08/10/05
Size:45.76 KB
Author:Chris Valentine

The mission
Six wads fulls of traps monsters and secrets (as usuals).Well placed monsters and weapons no needs to cheat but only experienced players should try them.they could be played alone,or put together...Date:01/22/96
Size:323.88 KB
Author:Follereau Dominique

Missions for Doom2
You start off in an airplane in the first level.You find your way...Date:07/23/11
Size:4.52 MB
Author:Sean Roy

My First Co-op wad!! I hope you like it. Start outside of a base and blast your way through it and out to the daylight on the other side. Man after fighting through hell I really feel like a nice cold swim! Basically I just wanted to see if i could d...Date:04/17/96
Size:58.92 KB
Author:Joshua Gunder

Mission Uno
Pretty cool Need all 3 keys in order to complete the level All weapons included Plenty of ammo and health...Date:02/04/96
Size:64.66 KB
Author:Dave Steckling

Man in the Mirrew
You are a man. You grab your gun. Kill 3 bald men. Grab their guns and destroy some big pink mosnters. There is a nice effect where in the outer hall way is a big mirrew. But you appear hidden becaous special potion was deployd in level that deactiva...Date:11/27/10
Size:6.92 KB

No description, no theme, no story. Just play, and have fun. ...Date:07/22/95
Size:65.14 KB
Author:Matthew Fox

THE GAME MAP At this point, I'm only making one fairly tough skill level, and single player games. Feel free to make any changes to the map that you wish, add more player starts, etc., but if you make changes and pass the revised map around, PLEAS...Date:05/25/11
Size:22.92 KB
Author:Mark St. Hilaire

THE GAME MAP At this point, I'm only making one fairly tough skill level, and single player games. Feel free to make any changes to the map that you wish, add more player starts, etc., but if you make changes and pass the revised map around, PLEAS...Date:07/26/11
Size:27.74 KB
Author:Mark St. Hilaire

THE GAME MAP At this point, I'm only making one fairly tough skill level, and single player games. Feel free to make any changes to the map that you wish, add more player starts, etc., but if you make changes and pass the revised map around, PL...Date:07/26/11
Size:25.62 KB
Author:Mark St. Hilaire

The Lost Mines
Size:83.05 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

Size:550.59 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

Fragtime Marine
Size:253.59 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

The Halls of Death
Size:75.62 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

The Lost Mines
Size:82.88 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

Mortal Kombat Doom "as is"
It's Mortal Kombat Doom. This patch is old and obsolete. I haven't done any real work on it in almost two years (Today being 2/2/99). I didn't even bother to give Akuma some real walking or death frames or add more blood like I was going to. This pat...Date:11/10/99
Size:1.36 MB
Author:. Please note that Mortal Kombat Doom was an early, unfinished work by Gokuma and is in no way repre

Mortal Kombat Pit
This is a take off of the pit level in Mortal Kombat (tm) the game. This is a little preview of a giant 30 level (doom 2 version) wad file that will probably have sounds from the game, and maybe (if I can find them) music and graphics! If you seen an...Date:08/31/95
Size:30.54 KB
Author:Joe McNally

Mark's Maps
A 6+1 (secret) level wad. My attempt at a multiple level wad. Levels created over about a six month period. Read individual level descriptions....Date:05/12/96
Size:553.01 KB
Author:Mark Riel

Mall of Mayhem
The first of my *completed* abominations released to the public. Was supposed to be a Halloween special, but I find election days MUCH more scarier... Story: Just as you where about to take your much deserved vacation, you receive a distress call...Date:11/04/08
Size:1.78 MB

Level 1: -Gotta Catch that Plane- A series of well developed areas to make YOUR day a little bloodier on the way to catching your flight. No keys... just kills. Level 2: -Terminal- THIS is an airport terminal? Hell's version of one. You're in Hell......Date:11/12/97
Size:176.21 KB

Cooperatively kill cybers with your fists or chainsaws. It's more playable than it sounds. It's definately a riot with three or more players....Date:08/07/01
Size:30.08 KB
Author:Mike Fredericks

Moonlit District
Moonlit District is a Vanilla-Compatible episode for Doom 2 featuring textures from Perdition's gate. The WAD was a speed-map project made over the course of 4 days....Date:02/13/22
Size:619.06 KB
Author:Egg Boy, Skronkidonk, T.WILL, ZeMystic

Basically this is a tribute (ok, Mockery, hence the title) of all the really really bad wads that have ever been made and uploaded to This is not meant to be a good level, and I am much better than this. Also, to all you bad level designer...Date:05/23/98
Size:18.06 KB

The Moonbase
In recent months, the UAC has gotten into serious space exploration. Recently, they established a small base on a moon of a planet in a nearby solar system. You were stationed at the brand new base as a guard. you arrive at the base to hear a hauntin...Date:08/03/04
Size:82.62 KB

Modus Mortis
5 maps to survive through. No real plot here, though some map details can hold some. Use Imagination :) HMP skill level is recommended for first run, UV may be too hard without learning all secrets. Secrets are vital part of the wad, so some tips on ...Date:12/30/12
Size:314.38 KB
Author:Vladimir trq

I was playing doom2 map07(Dead Simple), when I thought to myself- "I can make a much better version of this map!". So, I did, and I must say that it OWNS!(note-this is not just a modified map07-I made it completely from scratch. It is only based arou...Date:07/20/04
Size:1.76 KB

The Supply Base
3 Months after the invasion of earth, you and your troops are doing whatever you can to clean up the last of the demons, but they still have a good foothold in several areas. You have managed to use satellite photographs to discover one of their main...Date:05/24/04
Size:26.93 KB

Kill the final BOSS!...Date:10/18/06
Size:12.28 KB

MOH.WAD (Mansions of Hell)
A 3 level set made to 'test yer shit' bud! Much attention made to texture alignment and detail. Your weapon of choice is the shotgun (double or single). Other weapons are included. No BFG. Some control panels are active, watch for them. Some secret d...Date:10/28/97
Size:279.55 KB

Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday! (6 vanilla Doom2 maps)
Feeling a little sick of the winter chill? Step out into the sunshine with Ray Mohawk on a quest to save his home in the tropics! Ray Mohawk is a 100% vanilla-compatible mini-episode for Doom 2. 6 maps of fun and sun to blaze through - engaging, bu...Date:02/05/20
Size:945.27 KB
This WAD replaces level 1 There are no difficulty levels here but your brain will be moist after this! It is a large level, took a long time to make and should take a long time to complete. I have added more detail here - light/shade etc to tr...Date:05/08/96
Size:51.53 KB

The Monastery
By the year 2109, as a member of a small group of rebels, you help your friends to struggle against Hell Order squads. But, unfortunately, forces are unequal and many of your friends are dying. Rebelion Chiefs decided to send you back to Middle Ages ...Date:03/18/95
Size:251.25 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

This is modified version of MONGO.WAD, which was my first DOOM wad file. While converting it to DOOM 2 format, I also took the opportunity to make it bigger and prettier. Also a bit tougher. While I'm no Doom Master, I can polish off the easy level...Date:03/24/04
Size:63.63 KB
Author:Bradley Beacham

The Monster Hideout
The longest map I have made, with no scripting!...Date:06/08/13
Size:69.98 KB

A single player map for Doom2. Part 1 of the MONOLITH series....Date:11/20/06
Size:42.92 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

Level so big its in 4 parts, plus secret level.. Its very cool, put alot of work into it, be sure to warp to level 2 when you start, or else you'll start on the secret level! This level has it all watch for lmp's that include techniques on how to bea...Date:09/06/95
Size:145.89 KB
Author:Aaron Desilet (baroban on irc)

Size:269.4 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [aka reddawg]

Size:360.05 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [aka reddawg]

This is an absolute wild "micro" Doom II level. Four rooms with 3 Spider Masterminds, 1 Cyberdemon, and 1 Revenant. There is no health and no armor, just a BFG9000 and some cells! The odds are stacked against you, but this level can be won! Warning: ...Date:03/08/95
Size:8.19 KB
Author:Neil Ryan Bonner (4 years old!)

Size:69.3 KB
Author:Sonny Wasinger (CONDUCTOR)

Takes the tradition of the Eyeless to the ex- treme. You need DO.BAT!...Date:07/13/97
Size:127.33 KB
Author:Marcus Malden

moon 2000
1 level WAD. I use a P200 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:03/01/98
Size:348.54 KB
Author:Michael Krause

I started this about a year ago on my dads pc and never got around to finishing it, so I thought that It was about time to. I have no idea why I called it moonbase but it shouldn't be too bad for a four player game....Date:07/03/97
Size:66.68 KB
Author:Dylan Barber

Moon's Call
The sequel to Moonsong. Another practice map, this one intended to practice some different types of architecture and gameplay tweaks. After taking the gateway planted in Moonsong, you drop into a hellish world situated in the void. Isolated and alone...Date:10/28/16
Size:129.5 KB

Moonlight Sonata
This was originally a map for the Doom Republic Community Wad, but since the project has appeared to have died, I thought I'd release some of my work. I guess it's somewhat hard to beat, due to the absence of medikits....Date:07/08/04
Size:82.19 KB
Author:Ivar 'jallamann' Remøy

Practice map to get the hang of layouts. It's kind of on the easier side of things. Dropped into a darkened and cold science lab. The moon has grown huge, and strange monsters infest the base. There's no sign of anyone else, so its up to you to survi...Date:05/31/16
Size:141.19 KB

a map limited to a 1024x1024 square (some geometry extend beyond this boundairy, but the player and all gameplay happen within this area). this map was made when the 1024 contests and community projects were just starting to get popular. Never releas...Date:07/31/08
Size:106.29 KB
Author:Kyle Casteel

Mordeth - FEB'97 version
The first six levels of the Mordeth TC, with lots of new monsters and great playability! Please refer to the Mordeth Home Page for extensive information about all features....Date:02/22/97
Size:1.64 MB
Author:Gaston Lahaut

The D.Y.E. Chronicles, MOROS
A five map custom wad of reoccurring theme, made up of a collection of my very first Doom2 levels. Each map offer’s a varying challenge depending upon the skill level of choice. Aside from the theme, an added sense of realism is implanted into MOROS....Date:07/01/06
Size:690.74 KB
Author:T.L. "Korruptor" Wilson, Jr.

Mortal base
A futuristic map for doom 2 wiith non linear design. It's a bit hard but not much....Date:06/24/11
Size:165.92 KB

5 relatively small and action-packed levels. This is my first release, so creative criticism please! The plot: While being alone on Earth, you receive an emergency message from Mars. It seems like humanity is in a big trouble again. You take a look...Date:06/02/09
Size:806.21 KB

This wad is basically just a single room with a mountain in the middle. You're pretty vulnerable up there but that's where the firepower is to kill the snipers. The deathmatch start positions DON'T give equal advantage. Hey, lemme know....Date:09/30/95
Size:25.61 KB
Author:James Mitchell

mountain base
A UAC base set in some mountains....Date:10/18/05
Size:127.09 KB

Mount Doom
You must start from the bottom of the volcanic mountain and then trew it to get to top, where the exit is....Date:02/24/97
Size:24.8 KB
Author:William Drummond

A single player or Two player cooperative wad. Lots of teleporters and moving targets. Moves fast. Nice break from deathmatch wads....Date:02/02/95
Size:22.68 KB
Author:David Lamb

The death in brown and gray
A futurist base with a lot of brown and gray tex- tures. I tried to build a pretty and detailed map, within the limits of the original Doom II -this was a requisite of the 6th Cabro's Map Tournament-, and with the action of the classics... A lot of c...Date:10/09/06
Size:168.3 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

This wad is too huge for deathmatch. I used DEU DOOM II editing utility (5.21). There are skill levels built into this wad....Date:07/09/95
Size:66.04 KB

Press Conference
The Story: The government captured you. You are on a prison ship going to a base on Mars when Demons take it over....Date:02/17/03
Size:10.9 KB
Author:Christian Denholm

A Hidden Mountain Factory
This is primarily a single-player level, though you can play it in co-op - and even deathmatch, though it's not specially designed for it. The storyline: you have to infiltrate a hidden mountain factory, which produces... um... really nasty stuff. It...Date:04/17/96
Size:156.73 KB
Author:Grzegorz Werner

Mountain Gorge
This is a large map that replaces MAP01. An older level I decided to finish in a sort of slaughtermap style. This would have been MAP17 of Reverie originally, but I hadn't the inspiration to finish it at the time and decided to go with something of a...Date:04/25/13
Size:207.58 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

This is an attempt to "do" some of the scenes/events from the conclusion of "The Lord of the Rings". There's a Mount Doom, a Crack of Doom, and a concluding scenario that revises ever so...Date:12/17/97
Size:162.82 KB

Mud (dont ask me why. I just felt like calling it mud.ok)
You've been assigned to infultrate an area inhabited by cyberdemons and spiderdemons to destroy kill, maim and do various other fun things to every living thing you see. Many others have tryed and failed and thier worthless bodies litter the wall and...Date:08/08/97
Size:28.87 KB
Author:Vince Lupo

MURDER2.WAD (February 1997)
This is my second Wad to date, and made for DOOM2. Lots of tricks & surprises for everyone. Can be a little tough in some places, but remember, this level can be completed without cheating!. So use your ammo carefully!...Date:08/09/99
Size:78.48 KB
Author:Mark Veronese

Museum of Death
A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:10/03/99
Size:88.36 KB
Author:Robert Berkowitz

One big classic vanilla map, inspired by "Interception" and "Bellatrix"....Date:11/30/14
Size:211.48 KB

Must Die
Classic hunt and seek game! (with a few twists, shaken, not stirred)...Date:01/06/96
Size:38.42 KB

One large and complex vanilla compatible map. Difficulty-wise this should be a bit less demanding than some of my previous works. Map 2 and 3 are just bonus stuff...Date:04/05/20
Size:1.47 MB
Author:Thomas "tourniquet" Seifert

My First Attempts (Yeah, it took almost a year to finish this DOOM2 stuff :)
Map01: My first level to be released....Date:11/25/98
Size:504.73 KB
Author:Dimiter Todorov Georgiev

Cyber Fun :)
Just a funny idea that came to me one day :)...Date:11/25/98
Size:4.67 KB
Author:Dimiter Todorov Georgiev

My Doom II level
You where sent on a mission a mission far more dangerious then you ever imangined you where transfered directly to the front door. The enemy was expecting your visit and want to bring you a special suprise hehehe with a few shotgun shells at you!!! A...Date:01/27/98
Size:65.43 KB
Author:Nick Wiszkowski

My Doom II
Six-level Doom II wad with new levels, sounds, music, and graphics....Date:08/02/97
Size:293.78 KB
Author:David Butler

hello everypony this my thirst level i hoped you enjoy story: you were the marine the baddest of the bad so the colonel call you to him office: the colonel: very good marine, we have lots contact with are base in the planet awoeaw'awi, we belie...Date:10/14/17
Size:190.19 KB

A pretty accurate representation of my house in the Blue mountains, NSW, Australia. besides the cyberdaemon in the back yard....Date:02/21/98
Size:29.14 KB
Author:Rahul Nath

'Domestic' level of Doom situated in a real house with beds, cupboards, sofa and idromassage baths! Is an attempt to use the powerful engine of Doom to feign an real architectonic ambient (in this case that's my house). For a realistic expl...Date:12/28/11
Size:67.28 KB
Author:Luca Mugnaini

Mayan Reynolds
Mayan Reynolds is a small vanilla compatible episode for Doom 2 featuring overgrown ruins and dank caves. The WAD was speed-map project made over the course of a week. Difficulties are implemented. Mouselook, jumping, and crouching should be disabled...Date:03/13/22
Size:1.45 MB
Author:AD_79, Bobby, DCG Retrowave, Egg Boy, Skronkidonk, T.WILL, ZeMystic

My Wad
Small but action Packed Wad!...Date:04/12/99
Size:15.18 KB
Author:Sacha Pidot

N-SANE1 Disorientation taken for granted...
Size:40.54 KB
Author:N. Scot Norman

The Unholy Temple
This level is mostly a single player level but it can be played in Death Match. I did spend alot of time on it so it really kicks. It features great texture alignment, a good layout, kewl lighting fx, a new sky, and new music! and on top of all that ...Date:11/20/96
Size:78.15 KB
Author:Enforcer (Still don't feel like useing my real name)

Size:50.38 KB

Nasty and annoying
A quite difficult wad file full of annoying things and lots of monsters to blast...Date:03/08/97
Size:29.99 KB

Nasty R2
Nasty, Second Release...Date:02/17/95
Size:38.83 KB
Author:Ross Mellgren

It has a lot of revenants!!! watch out!!!! ;)...Date:12/11/17
Size:258.9 KB

The shape of the level is like a nautalis shell as it name hints. The end of nautalis is a plain wall, but it is a switch exit....Date:03/13/98
Size:6.79 KB
Author:Jordan Jarosek

The Nazis have returned and they are not alone! The demons from hell are by there side and its up to you to destroy the source of it all....Date:04/03/14
Size:23 KB
Author:Greg Lafitte

Nazi Cave of Death
Explore the Nazi's cave of horrors! Navigate dangerous pathways, evil mazes, and watch for booby traps and secret passageways......Date:11/07/95
Size:38.37 KB
Author:Erik Swanson

NAZIWART(Death To All!!)
Belive it or not it can be done from scratch Four entrances...pick the wrong one and you won't survive.Long dark hallways,monsters and bad guys everywhere.Lots of secret rooms filled with just enough stuff to survive.If you get through all the rooms ...Date:04/23/96
Size:558.43 KB
Author:Don Schneider

Mission: Destroy Nazi Headquarters 2.0
See if you can find everything without resorting to cheating. If you have any comments, need hints or problems with deathmatch or multi player modes, please fire an E-mail off to me....Date:08/02/96
Size:345.36 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

New Base
Short vanilla-compatible techbase map that I made when I was supposed to be studying....Date:05/05/22
Size:246.58 KB

E1 MAP01
The short version: E1M1 done MAP01 style. The longer version: I'm not sure where I got the idea from exactly, but I decided I'd have a go at recreating the original Doom E1M1 in the style of Doom 2 MAP01. In that I think I've succeeded, althoug...Date:07/26/03
Size:91.57 KB
Author:Nick Baker

Wasted 1: Industrial Zone
The first in an occassional series of small but hard levels for Boom compatible ports, although this one actually works in doom2.exe This one is set in a long abandoned industrial facility that's recently been taken over by the hellspawn....Date:01/20/02
Size:59.35 KB
Author:Nick Baker

La Ciudad Necropolis (Necropolis City)
I like hard maps, and this should be. If you're able to beat it without savegames, you're one of my buddies. An advice: look for a place to hide in, and be careful where you move and what weapon you take. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the map!...Date:08/15/08
Size:74.56 KB

First wad when I started to really learn about doom builder like doors, secrets, etc. ...Date:06/06/16
Size:54.07 KB

Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine
First entry in a series of small vanilla doom maps in a space adventure built off personal nostalgia. Each entry consists of a two short maps: an introductory monsterless map with a single secret to find before tackling the mission, and the main map ...Date:03/22/14
Size:359.11 KB

Nebula 95: MudMan WonderLand
Second entry in a series of small vanilla doom maps in a space adventure built off personal nostalgia. Each entry consists of a two short maps: an introductory monsterless map with a single secret to find before tackling the mission, and the main map...Date:03/22/14
Size:344.32 KB

Nebula 95: Human Earrings
Third entry in a series of small vanilla doom maps in a space adventure built off personal nostalgia. Each entry consists of a two short maps: an introductory monsterless map with a single secret to find before tackling the mission, and the main map ...Date:03/22/14
Size:347.9 KB

Nebula 95: Drown Stone Cassette B
Fourth entry in a series of small vanilla doom maps in a space adventure built off personal nostalgia. Each entry consists of a two short maps: an introductory monsterless map with a single secret to find before tackling the mission, and the main map...Date:03/22/14
Size:386.16 KB

Totally new 4-map Doom2 WAD file Map 01 - Grab some firepower then go underground to start the body count. Map 02 - Infiltrate the enemy's nukage storage facility and blast anything that moves. Map 03 - Trapped in a monster-filled arena with only y...Date:09/27/00
Size:439.32 KB

necropolis part 2
not just hack n slash or annoying puzzles but a good combo of both! along with new sound music and sprites. well thought out rooms with much playtesting done to ensure good balance. (2nd wad contains language some might find offensive, by FRANK RIZZO...Date:05/18/96
Size:844.38 KB
Author:Terrence morquecho

Nefarious Chateau
Well you enter in the kings land, but rumours have it that the king is dead. Well your in his castle why don't you check for yourself if you can...........Date:07/01/03
Size:47.22 KB
Author:Denver J. Curtis

Neighbour 1.0
A spaceship lands in my neighbourhood and releases the Hordes of Hell. You start in my home and have to clean up the neighbourhood. Then just destroy the spaceship and it's a done deal!...Date:12/27/99
Size:58.58 KB
Author:Bob Pittman

This level is a bit like 'Downtown' from Doom 2, but not half as big. There are 7 buildings in Mortal full of killing to be done. There are lots of secrets around and about which will help you greatly if you wish to find them. Please send any recordi...Date:07/22/95
Size:60.22 KB
Author:Simon Fawcett

Nemisis experiment
Incomplete version of the origional design of...Date:12/30/05
Size:526.21 KB
Author:Harlequin (aka Justin Fisher)

New episode 6: Stop Invasion! (sequel to New Episode 5);
You beaten Joker, evil ruler of the secret valley on Mars called Cruel. He planned new invasion to earth. You are stuck in Cruel, main goal is now way out. After 3 days of that bloody fight you get message from Earth: "Unknown spaceship fleet is goin...Date:02/17/98
Size:1.34 MB
Author:Email address (Please send feedback!)

Nerves Of Steel
This is your basic computer station with CRAY supercomputers, and other control centers....Date:08/12/95
Size:78.35 KB
Author:Larry Rhodes

Nessy.WAD, issue 1
I neither have the time nor the inclination to make doom maps any more. Originally, I had planned on a mini episode but I've had to curtail the project after only two maps. So, for what its worth, here are a couple of doom2 maps for your amusement...Date:01/03/99
Size:111.9 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

A really cool castle wad. NEVER2 is fun, and challenging in UV, but not too hard. There are some tough secrets to find, and there are tons of baddies. Death matchers should have a blast as well as singles. So what's the description? Get the wad and c...Date:03/05/95
Size:208.87 KB
Author:Brian Martin

Castle Nevermore
map01 for doom2. Constructed for the Wad of the month contest on Doomwadstation, but unfortunately I couldn`t complete it in time......Date:06/16/04
Size:1.19 MB
Author:Björn Ostmann

:New Civilization
:This is the best wad I have made to date, though some think that it is a sequel to civdem.wad, they probably think that because the rooms look the same, the difference now is a new and improved final area, and a corridor that connects the end of the...Date:01/17/96
Size:82.25 KB
Author::Maddog (not really its just a nickname)

I've tried to let the levels flair seem to be not so diffferent from the original dooms-flair. So in level5 you must discover really wasted tunnels. The first 10 levels are ready and are playable the 11. I cannot complete anymore, so you can on...Date:07/03/99
Size:446.11 KB
Author:Pomplito I.

New End Version 2.0
Newend2 is a new version of the my original wad Newend, with some new graphics. The new graphics are just a new status bar and a new sound that you have to find yourself....Date:01/12/96
Size:24.55 KB
Author:Mike Fisher

It's a 'constant-wave, oh-look-another-room-full- of-monsters' kind of level, but what the hell. It's also about the best original level I've made so far, so bite me....Date:05/02/95
Size:10.79 KB
Author:William C Roeben

Union Aerospace Computers
A (maybe?) slaughtermap with a focus on nonessential exploration. About half of your time can be dedicated to these areas, but of course they reward you. The area is supposed to be an old company yard, the demon-riddled remains of the Big Bad's siste...Date:08/04/16
Size:133.68 KB

Nex Credo
Vanilla. Stock textures. SPOOGE, RIGHT?...Date:05/15/16
Size:671.86 KB
Author:Jay X Townsend

Hmn, don't know what to say about this one... It's just an experiment with gameplay. I have a love for arcade shooter games (Darius, Galaga, Raiden, Gradius etc) and wanted to see what would happen if I mixed Doom with arcade style gameplay. So the...Date:08/08/01
Size:178.99 KB
Author:Brad "Vorpal" Spencer

Hot foot from the start. Don't stand in one place for long out in the open! Rockets rain down from above at the Nexxus....Date:03/22/04
Size:43.43 KB

A real NIGHTMARE ...
This level is designed to be played in *NIGHTMARE* mode only ! Just a little maze, a few sergeants, and a little friendly pumpgun. But a lot of fun, cause you do not know the position of the monsters, even if you have played it before !!!! Every ti...Date:09/13/95
Size:47.59 KB
Author:Sven Ewald

Size:57.59 KB
Author:Neno Ljubenov Galev

Size:63.23 KB
Author:Neno Ljubenov Galev

Size:68.15 KB
Author:Neno Ljubenov Galev

small 6-map mini-episode...Date:10/22/11
Size:23.35 KB

Previously unreleased tiny sequel to NH1....Date:10/08/15
Size:15.86 KB

Two maps with no health....Date:05/16/16
Size:162.76 KB

Four maps with no health....Date:01/16/18
Size:302.54 KB

nhexer2.wad is an episode of 3 levels, originally from hexer.wad, also made by me. This wad is sort of an universal wad, which means that it can be played in several kinds of play-types: Deathmatch(2-4), single-player, cooperative play or even team-d...Date:06/04/96
Size:109.82 KB
Author:Beni Chan 'Berserker'

This is my first attempt at WAD creation, but I think it's pretty good. I tried to capture that spooky, nerve- wracking feel; lots of darkness and monsters....Date:04/16/95
Size:25.86 KB
Author:Nick Adair

Nicole Eggert's House
Nicole Eggert's House !...Date:06/15/96
Size:236.85 KB
Author:Jean-Marc Labal and Pierre Geneves

African mines have suppilied the world with well needed meteials since the begining of time. Most are now owned buy American buissness men, who like to live on cheep land. Some have locals work and some have Americans come over. One such mine has bee...Date:04/13/07
Size:141.11 KB
Author:Konrad Bresin

The Nikki Wad (12\97)
A good single-player level....Date:12/29/97
Size:86.54 KB
Author:Brandi Nicole Visser

Nilla DooM (Short)
A set of varied levels focused on fast, fun gameplay. My initial goal was to create maps suitable for the original engine. Most of the levels work without any problems in doom2.exe, while some may have tiny bugs here and there from the limitations. I...Date:07/02/04
Size:745.04 KB

Um... You know, like... It's a Doom 2 level... And you... ah... play it... see?...Date:05/31/99
Size:77.02 KB
Author:Brett J. Murtha

Nin Uac wads
GOOD NEW WADS w/ 4 Nin singles! Doom2 v 1.666 up....Date:04/06/96
Size:290.12 KB
Author:Matt Rogers

NirvanaDoom #1
A Doom ][ .wad that plays Nirvana muzak in the background. Also has a harder than hell level (great for deathmatch)...Date:12/18/96
Size:56.59 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

Ready to meet Kurt?
LEVEL FOR DOOM2...Date:02/22/95
Size:190.64 KB
Author:Aaron Gutman

Replaces DOOM2 maps 01-12 Map01: A small sea-side town, with a few buildings a large beach, a dock, a sewer, some ships. and plenty of monsters. Map02: Based on Laser Quest in Reading, includes a recption area, an airlock, the control room, most impo...Date:01/04/98
Size:711.67 KB
Author:Tom Farmer

For some reason you are standing on a large, tall round platform and nazi soldiers are coming out of the woodwork looking to kick your a**. Good luck....Date:07/26/98
Size:25.28 KB

Last Mission NiteSky
Piloting your private plane across the barren wastelands of an almost deserted Earth, you reflect on a job well done after defeating those hideous creatures and twisted humans in Doom, Doom ][, And Quake. Landing in a small town you stop at an nearly...Date:11/10/99
Size:75.54 KB
Author:Jim Ford

NITRO3D2.WAD (revision 4 *see additional*)
My Third WAD. (First for Doom ][) Designed for single player, multiple player or Deathmatch modes All creatures appear in all dificulty levels. Deathmatch and Multiplayer modes have not been tested...Date:05/19/95
Size:52.78 KB
Author:Nigel Wright (alias Nitro)

It started as a speedmap for Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 69. Then I decided to continue working on it and I expanded it and polished and it's not a speedmap anymore. It's still a small map though and should take around 15 minutes to complete....Date:09/24/22
Size:187.33 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Remix of CHALLENJ.WAD by Josh Schultz that I did one afternoon because I was bored....Date:12/19/08
Size:208.47 KB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

njmaps.wad (V1.1)
Military testing has continued after hells recent invasion after the government denied all knowledge of events Leading up to the invasion. Playing with forces of nature they know nothing about will probably cause trouble so you decide to get yourself...Date:03/03/06
Size:78.47 KB
Author:Nicol Jarvie

Enjay Toss Off
A single level inspired by E1M7 of Doom1. Fairly Episode 1 in feel. Plays on MAP01 of Doom2....Date:10/06/02
Size:117.75 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

The route to follow is obvious hence no choice 3 keys & several secret areas Optional "death room" -secret panel switch in skinroom My first wad & not my best-but it has promise...Date:03/03/95
Size:29.29 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

This level has some great traps. Remember that teleporter landings are a key of which building to enter next. There are enough suits near islands to protect you There are goggles hidden prior to the dark room The last room is tough-look for...Date:03/03/95
Size:40.93 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

This level was an upgrade of an existing level(author unknown) This one has good lighting & graphics A special effect-a room changes when you re-enter it -very confusing Invisible wall at exit!-solve the problem...Date:03/03/95
Size:75.57 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

Evrything leads downwards This one has good lighting & graphics Very well laid out Neat "death area" Several puzzles to solve to open doors...Date:03/03/95
Size:62.2 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

One look at the map will tell you why This is a personal favourite & is a good example of how a linear level can be interesting Lots of rave reviews on this one especially on the first 2 octagon rooms...Date:03/03/95
Size:78.74 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

Outdoor level -city scene This is the toughest to survive(levels get harder) Some very good trap-watch out for the room with only 1 guard-look for invulnerability before you dispatch him!...Date:03/03/95
Size:57.89 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette
As with other wads in series ( theme is important! This is an ancient setting with castles, pyramids, temples etc. Wall textures accordingly are not high tech-stone & brick & wood abound 3 keys to get Very large ar...Date:02/21/95
Size:96.35 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

This level is called cortyard.wad because of the extensive use of courtyard scenes Graphically , this may be the best of the nldoom series Textures were a main priority,to make the level enjoyable 1 key is needed More bad guys to meet dema...Date:03/11/95
Size:52.53 KB
Author:Nelson Laviolette

Nostalgic: MAP03
This is from a larger project that my friend (who is also working on it) called Nostalgic, for no apparent reason....Date:01/30/05
Size:25.9 KB

No More Mister Nice Guy
This is one of my first wads and the one I've felt is good enough to distribute. It has plenty of potential for ambushes, open spaces and plenty of weapons for good deathmatch play. Also a good co-op or single....Date:01/08/96
Size:118.57 KB
Author:Steven Cavanagh

The Library
Storm a library which has been overrun with demons. (Sorry, couldn't think of anything better...)...Date:01/13/03
Size:30.39 KB
Author:The Net Nomad

Tower of WAR: Demo
Storm the headquarters of a evil and corrupt corporation. First six levels in what is soon to be a full megawad!...Date:01/24/03
Size:195.56 KB
Author:The Net Nomad

After our two levels "La Galeria" and "Tomb of Terror" we started to create a new Level called " No Mercy" for Doom I ! The beginning of the level was genius but then it sucked. So, we rested for a while and after more than a half year - we're proud ...Date:11/30/04
Size:2.94 MB

No Chance
This is a ridiculously difficult Boom-compatible map I made in the spirit of Erik Alm's eaxt.WAD. The only incentive for playing this map on UV is purely for the sake of the challenge and to see if you can complete a seemingly impossible task, as thi...Date:11/24/09
Size:438.23 KB

No Demon Left Alive
Once again, I intended to release this as a Halloween special, but I find election days to be *MUCH* scarier (especially this one)... The idea for the No Demon Left Alive was conceived back in 2008, and was supposed to have been delivered early 200...Date:11/06/16
Size:99.53 KB

Nomad Wad
An exhilarating 3 level pwad filled with new sounds, graphics, & rooms. This pwad was designed as a deathmatch level but can be single player. The song you hear in between levels "Laaahh La la la la laaah" is Crocodile Rock by Elton John.....Date:08/15/95
Size:740.31 KB
Author:Jason Al-shawy

The Wad With No Name (DOOM 2)
A scifi style deathmatch wad. Fight your way through yet another alien base....Date:11/21/98
Size:200.34 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

(couldn't think of one)
This is my first attempt at a doom2 level. I'm afraid it doesn't have much of a theme as all I was trying to do was experiment. Its not a cakewalk, however, even on the 'easy' setting....Date:02/23/95
Size:21.88 KB
Author:Chuck Turner

A fair sized level with pixel-less smooth walls...Date:07/17/97
Size:76.24 KB
Author:Justin Szymanek (N64 MAN)

A fair sized level with pixel-less smooth white walls, makeing it hard to get around... Oh, and the auto map is wiped, you should have fun trying to get around!! DO NOT CHEAT!! You will have to backtrack lots......Date:07/21/97
Size:43.94 KB
Author:Justin Szymanek (N64 MAN)

No Rest No Peace
After saving the earth and other planets, you finally get tired of war. You take a job as an engineer in an UAC power station on a deserted planet. Day after day you do your tour of in- spection through the huge underground halls and enjoy the silenc...Date:08/20/98
Size:121.88 KB
Author:Leon Kelz

No Rest No Peace Part 2: Insomnia
After many years of fighting against the troops of hell you finally retire from the war business. You quit the service, rent a beautiful apartment in a quiet town and look forward to watching TV, cooking and lazing. But you can find no peace. Night a...Date:12/30/98
Size:128.44 KB
Author:Leon Kelz

No Rest No Peace Part 3: Night and Day
A three-level-episode called "Night and Day" plus three bonus maps for single player. Map01: Night - gloomy and depressing Map02: Day - bright and pleasant Map03: Dusk - an epilogue Map04 - Map06: bonus maps...Date:06/13/00
Size:479 KB
Author:Leon Kelz

Size:3.49 KB

Size:38.3 KB

NOSAtan (Release 2)
Removes/replaces satanic textures and flats + NEW level 30. WORKS ON ADD-ONS AND NORMAL LEVELS ONCE INSTALLED...Date:08/03/96
Size:335.63 KB
Author:Jako Malan

Nostalgy: Trip down my memory lane
This is a remake of a map that I had originally created sometime in 99-02. Back then this used to be one of my favourite maps, and a while ago I found myself wanting to play it again. However I had lost the map in a HD crash a while ago, so I had to ...Date:04/26/09
Size:66.64 KB

Nostromo's Run for DOOM ][
Nostromo's Run takes place in an isolated station aboard some alien planet. The base was used for fighter training and mutant entertainment and features a large arena. Humans were being brought to this pleasure ground for the mutants amusement. As ...Date:05/21/03
Size:114.43 KB
Author:Rich Johnston (aka Nostromo)

A map I finally finished after starting it a year ago and leaving it untouched until about 2 weeks ago. Theme and basic layout inspired by Map 05 of No Rest For the Living, Vivisection:
Size:116.49 KB

This is the first of a series of .wads I am making. I'm going to divide this into three parts:...Date:04/25/97
Size:106.27 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

This is the second of a series of .wads I am making. I'm going to divide this into two parts:...Date:04/25/97
Size:32.7 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

This is the third of a series of .wads I am making. I'm going to divide this into two parts:...Date:03/26/97
Size:110.25 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

This is the fourth of a series of .wads I am making. I'm going to divide this into two parts:...Date:04/30/97
Size:64.72 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

This is the fourth of a series of .wads I am making. I'm going to divide this into two parts:...Date:04/30/97
Size:77.5 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Never not completed episode
These maps date back to years around 1996. I Renewed my oldest maps, which would be an whole episode, but I abandoned it and then I reverted back to it. I converted it to DooM2 and I corrected bugs in texturing and monsters stucked in the walls, inse...Date:11/16/05
Size:63.48 KB
Author:Vasek "Damned" Havranek

Not So Simple
A much larger, spacious arena for the Dead Simple slot for Doom 2....Date:05/13/09
Size:12.33 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

NOVA10.WAD version 2.0
MAP30--Dark, evil base with a little hell theme thrown in. It's the kind of level I love to play. The music of MAP30 goes great with it.(EXCEPT WITH BOOM) My first completed pwad. This is a revised version that I have cleaned up a little. Thanks to R...Date:11/10/00
Size:50.98 KB
Author:Brian Lester

NO Way No How are you going to make it out alive.
You have just been assigned to the Red Dog recon patrol, Your mission is to beem in and help wipe out anything that moves and secure the area. Only one thing they didn't tell you. You are going in alone. They know you are the best at your job and you...Date:04/23/05
Size:46 KB
Author:Eric Varner

Nowhere to Hide
A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:01/14/99
Size:52.73 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz
This is a small but deadly level. The only weapons are the shotgun, chaingun, and the rocket launcher....Date:04/12/04
Size:57.51 KB
Author:David Pletcher

Nuke Processing Plant for Doom II
Size:71.13 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

of Game nrc
Size:78.27 KB

Newstuff 100
This map was thrown together to celebrate the 100th week of Newstuff at DoomWorld! Yes, the design is quite linear, but it was easier to make those huge letters that way. what do you want? should I have made the areas like a circle or something? And ...Date:10/18/02
Size:29.2 KB
Author:Nick "frwl" Byrd

A shitty night
At night, our Protagonist go to a bar, drinking like a crazy, take your car, and crashed it. He begins to hear strange things, our hero seeks his phone, but can not find it. Try to escape through the tunnel, but an earthquake prevent access, now will...Date:07/22/12
Size:234.06 KB

Not SO Simple
This 8 level .wad is made up from some wads I had made awhile ago. I cleaned them up and made them more playable. Some, but not all are death-match ready, but not tested....Date:03/06/08
Size:457.69 KB
Author:John Nelle

Nuclear Waste
Nuclear generation and waste processing plant....Date:07/28/04
Size:454.63 KB
Author:David J. Finnamore

Nukedoom2x v1.2
This is a collection of .wads that I made with detail in mind (the first level is not quite as detailed as the second and third). This is also my first attempt at making and *COMPLETING* my DOOM2 levels. They are not exactly finished yet, but I hope ...Date:04/20/97
Size:297.96 KB
Author:Colin Pierson

The demons from hell have started to mine the nukelear waste dumps from the 20th century for food! Stop them and their food supply....Date:07/03/95
Size:63 KB
Author:Phil Scott

Nukage Tunnels
My first completed level ever. I made this for a Doom II mapset called "Imp Sector". I made this level a long ago, but I'm putting it into the archives because for some reason Imp Sector was never put into the archives and I wanted this thing to the ...Date:10/23/10
Size:11.08 KB

Nukage Processing
A short tech-base map with a nukage theme. Contains many themes in seperate rooms: star base, military, computer and dingy dirt. Mental and cramped - but fun....Date:07/14/09
Size:46.98 KB

Null Space
1 single player level. A large wood and stone structure frozen in the void. You've just arrived here to be greeted by a less than friendly reception....Date:12/06/01
Size:709.05 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Not Enough Brown Shit
It looks brown...Date:05/31/05
Size:67.57 KB

Mariko Kouda DOOM ][ (a modification edition)
Single/Co-op/DM wad for DOOM ][ Another brand new Level for DOOM ][ Mariko Kouda Levels. Mariko Kouda face texture mapping. Many wall is Mariko Kouda. Oh! no goddess yes! She is OKINU-TYAN!...Date:07/03/96
Size:612.82 KB
Author:Yukio Ide(JAPAN) My stage name is Waizu. :)

Oasis of Death
Built for Doom2 v1.9...Date:09/07/96
Size:845.43 KB
Author:Keith Hickman

(Set the mood here but put any long story at the end)...Date:04/05/06
Size:130.52 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr

This is one of three wads I have recently made. It's intended for single player....Date:09/20/17
Size:48.04 KB
Author:Adam Goldman

DOOM II conversion of the original OBSESSED for DOOM I. Two levels designed for single player and Deathmatch. As you will soon find out, I love levels that are difficult with lots of the tough guys. In fact, you could say I'm obsessed with the idea. ...Date:09/17/95
Size:40.14 KB
Author:Craig Webb

Hot Obsidian
Three-level-episode for single player mode. Cooperative mode was not tested but could be fun. For further information see below....Date:01/02/00
Size:186.34 KB
Author:Leon Kelz

A little map fo doom 2 where you fiht in a industrial place. Wel,l at least this is what it seems to be....Date:06/24/11
Size:91.78 KB

Obituary 1.1, updated version
19 levels, 3 new enemies, weapon patch...Date:05/14/95
Size:1.82 MB
Author:The Innocent Crew (TiC)

ocean base
a single player/cooperative level with deathmatch starts It is set on a deserted (by normal humans) island out in the middle of nowhere. On this island is two storage facilities, one large military base, a cave with molten lava on the floor and a cou...Date:08/02/96
Size:48.57 KB

you taught it where over... the Hell Spawn had been massacred and now you're remains where strong... but then in a Flash of surprice attacks the second Demon Spaceship and once again the Demons are hear.. fight for survival in a quest for saving eart...Date:09/23/06
Size:29.43 KB
Author:Killing Master

Sometimes, after a long hard day at work at Office Depot you just want to kill something, particularly the irrate customers and the idiotic Mangement. So we created this EXACT copy of the Office Depot in Fort Worth, Texas on Ridgemar Road so we could...Date:06/30/96
Size:40.39 KB
Author:Brian Navy and Stephen Rauls

ODESSA 11 ("Sojourn")
You have stumbled upon what appears to be an underground alien stronghold. From the looks of this, it may not be too easy getting in. A long tunnel with heavy metallic columns bars your way. Your instincts tell you the terrain inside is going to be r...Date:02/01/14
Size:83.58 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA12 ("Chambers")
Within this seemingly peaceful complex lies a Computerized Torture Chamber where some alien being is experimenting with human beings,namely your former comrades. Seek out and destroy the inhabitants therein. Recon has reported that the entire local p...Date:02/01/14
Size:105.77 KB
Author:Bob Evans

Odessa Level 14 v2.1 ("Savage Morals")
This wad is one of 15+ levels in The Odessa Series....Date:05/08/98
Size:379.58 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA 1 ("Odessa_X" No name actually)
The setting is somewhat medieval/modern. I do have a keen interest in castles and I think it is reflected in my wads. The scenic quality is pretty good (I think anyway). Somewhat of an Arena style....Date:02/01/14
Size:78.22 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA 2 ("Oasis")
On any long fought journey, there must be an oasis for rest, for food and for water. Well, there's water anyway. 1 out of 3 isn't too bad I suppose....Date:02/01/14
Size:77.37 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA 3 ("Fade to Gray")
As you teleport in from Odessa_2 you find your surroundings unusual. It looks like the entrance to a health club until you spot one of former buddies inside, but he's been dead about 2 years....Date:02/01/14
Size:97.94 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA 6 ("Kastle Baron")
The setting is somewhat medieval. I do have a keen interest in castles and I think it is reflected in my wads. The scenic quality is pretty good (I think anyway). An overall storyline is still on the drawing board for the complete set of wads, howeve...Date:02/01/14
Size:86.56 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA 7 ("6 Keys of the Asmod Monks")
High in a distant Mountain Range nestled among the cliffs lies the Asmod Monk Sanctuary. Legends abound of this sect and how these monks dabbled in the black arts. It has been many years since the remaining monks abandoned their abode and returned to...Date:02/01/14
Size:201.03 KB
Author:Bob Evans

ODESSA 9 (Landing Zone)
You have been sitting in the hills all day watching large alien aircraft land and take off. Local villagers have told you this has been going on for weeks. They have said large crates have been unloaded and deposited inside the compound. You remember...Date:02/01/14
Size:82.93 KB
Author:Bob Evans

the odessey of evil
all my best wads joined into one megawad because you guys will like it better and so do i. evil looking wads only no tech wads sorry guys....Date:06/18/04
Size:1.21 MB
Author:r.e.'the dutch_devill' lubbelinkhof

ODESSA 13 (Anaxis Courtyard)
This wad is one of 17 levels of a large wad not uploaded yet called "LORDDOOM.WAD". The setting and the middle of this level is a courtyard and a bridge traversing the center of it. You must cross the bridge to start your search for the switch which ...Date:02/01/14
Size:85.1 KB
Author:Bob Evans

The Odyssey V.1.01.PCG
This is my SECOND fully working Doom level. The FIRST standard level! In the future, it is a crap place, and people like violence on TV. You enter one of these Running Man type competitions and win. After, you are knocked unconscious and abducted.....Date:11/11/96
Size:171.79 KB
Author:John Adlington

7 challenging DOOM 2 levels...Date:11/19/95
Size:349.87 KB
Author:Robert Chapman

ODYSSEY.WAD is a compilation of 5 levels of the ANCIENTS SERIES created by me over the course of a month as individual episodes. Each level is set in a different time period or locale. The concept being that the UAC agent (you) are travelling...Date:04/07/96
Size:492.27 KB

Ohio Edison Offices aka First Energy
A copy of Ohio Edison offices! A small city level!...Date:03/20/00
Size:73.7 KB
Author:Colin Mitchell

A considerable period of my life was spent in a house by the name of OE4951. Thus is this the DOOM][ transcription of some of the characteristics of the place. Lots of hours are put into this one, lots of beer & whisky put in me during. At last, a...Date:12/04/96
Size:127.21 KB
Author:Master T

UAC Offices
My first map, don't expect too much. It's for Doom 2 and replaces map02. Hope you enjoy it. :-)...Date:09/20/15
Size:9.39 KB

Size:65.91 KB
Author:Marc J.S.

Ohno Ver 1.1
For those Doomers who dislike puzzles, but do like the blood and guts, this is the Wad for you. Actually a good training mission for multi-player gamers. The setup is fifty plus rooms of bad guys. The doors are narrow so players will have to take tur...Date:03/03/12
Size:38.04 KB
Author:David B. Cox

Oh, fun!
You're a guy dropped off at an alien military base, and you have to find your way to the helicopter landing pad. oh, fun, right?...Date:11/06/95
Size:21.54 KB
Author:Drew Dibble

OK Corral
This started out as a simple deathmatch wad and quickly got out of control. :-) I orginally did this up with only 5 buildings and _only_ beserk packs (and some clips). It was nice, but I wanted to take advantage of the sniping. So I added some shot...Date:11/29/96
Size:49.2 KB
Author:Neil McKellar

deathz0r Episode 1: The Old Menace
Run away, it's the unreleaseable deathz0r maps! I'm serious, if you attempt to look at these, you are certain to produce some sort of phobia with crappy wads, or wads that were made in 1997. However, I must mention a few things: * Dean.wad is map...Date:04/22/03
Size:164.75 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

Oli4VR's Maximum-Violance Doom-level!
This is my best Doom-level ever and I've been making levels for quite a while! I just had the idea to make a good single-player as well as a good multi-player level and came up with this. But I didn't stop working on it when I thought is was finish...Date:01/24/99
Size:22.75 KB
Author:Olivier Van Rompuy

One man army
a five-level mission, varied design, designed with single player in mind, but modified later for deathmach play, with choke points in each level...Date:11/20/98
Size:198.17 KB
Author:stian skjondal

All Alone
This is a single player WAD for Doom II, but has DM start points if you want try. A single person called upon to make his/her way through terror filled rooms and hallways. You first arrive when your transmat beam goes awry, and you find yourself on a...Date:03/25/95
Size:198.18 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

A neat looking map for Doom 2 only....Date:01/17/05
Size:62.28 KB
Author:David Davidson

Size:33.39 KB

GOOD GODS, another single/multi player doom2 wad. This one'll blow your socks off and mail 'em to mars. Poetic license (i am speaking crap). Doesn't matter... or does it? Who knows? (sings) who cares? for me? C'est La Vie. I love ELP. I think the L h...Date:08/02/95
Size:66.66 KB
Author:Paul Pennington

One On One
This is a short level designed to test your punching skills. Are you any good?...Date:12/17/01
Size:88.85 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

Ooog 1 WAD
Our first WAD together. Ooog's first WAD all together. Dr. DooM's 5th or so. This is made for a DooMer kind of below average. Not much monsters. Lots of lifts. No real maze though. Just a walk through. One hint: In the yellow key hall, there is a red...Date:01/15/96
Size:10.17 KB
Author:Ooog and Dr. DooM (Greg and Eric Williams)

Dark hellish map for doom2...Date:06/05/16
Size:269.22 KB

Operation: Lightning
A high-tech 21st century DooM episode that is big, innovative, good-looking, and above all, HARD! This episode pushes the DooM engine to it's very limits, and is a very extreme DooM episode....Date:04/19/11
Size:1.66 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

A tale about the fate of the Doom community......Date:03/31/02
Size:14.9 KB

Operation Oberon
You have been sent to a lost enemy base on Uranus' moon Oberon, your goal is to clean it up and get the hell outta there before the Cambodians take over the base....Date:01/05/07
Size:51.7 KB

This is a level set in some sort of tech base that's floating in the air! This is probably the result of something the UAC did, but as far as you're concerned, it's staying alive that matters....Date:10/25/01
Size:19.43 KB
Author:Karthik Abhirama Krishna

Sequel to "Out of Phase" - two maps done in the same style! These were based loosely on two of my Speedmaps, but even if you've played those before, you'll notice that a lot has been changed - these are not the same maps! Like in my first "Out of P...Date:01/03/02
Size:125.19 KB
Author:Karthik Abhiram

"Out of Phase 3" is an action packed map for Doom II. Like the other levels in my "Out of Phase" series, this one was made very quickly, during a burst of inspiration! I probably spent 10-12 hours max, on it. And like "Out of Phase" this is a small m...Date:11/10/02
Size:87.23 KB
Author:Karthik Abhiram

The government boasts that Outpost 21 is the home of scientific research that will benefit all humanity. On the surface, Outpost 21 appears to be a peaceful complex that provides its small team of dedicated scientists with living quarters, research l...Date:05/23/95
Size:78.54 KB
Author:Scott Amspoker

Large size level. Very playable wad built in the classic Doom style with attention to detail and design. Comments welcomed to Email address. Really designed for 2 players but not necessary to complete....Date:04/05/98
Size:140.31 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

A large alien base has been discovered by a Scout and Survey team in the Regulus Cluster on a close Terran analogue. Sensor readings show possible traces of a highly advanced technology. You've been assigned the job of exploration. Relax! Fleet Intel...Date:04/14/95
Size:481.61 KB
Author:Jim Flynn and Scott Harper

The Orangery
Back at the end of the 18th century, the demon hell spawn first began secretly to colonise the Earth. They landed near the South Coast of England and slowly began to battle their way North meeting resistance but usually crushing it without mercy or c...Date:01/03/02
Size:183.55 KB
Author:John Bishop

Old Reliable Engine
Size:38.88 KB

Orin's 1st DOOM ][ Level
It may be my first DOOM][ wad, but don't let fool you, it's good, trust me on this one. It's not my first wad that I've ever made and it's much better that most I've seen on the internet (especially the aol libraries.)...Date:07/12/95
Size:31.43 KB
Author:Orin Flaharty

Operation Suicide - Dead on Arrival
The first in a three level series, see below for more information....Date:12/12/02
Size:183.13 KB
Author:Philip Renshaw

Once upon a time, there was a toxic mutagene accident due to no ventilation in Unit's of Special Expert Evidences of Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs lab in small russian city. Details will be provided by former senior medical expert who's...Date:05/19/21
Size:2.61 KB

OSIRIS Total Conversion
OSIRIS Total Conversion is the much-expanded sequel to I, ANUBIS (a DOOMGATE "Best Doom2 of all time" level). OSIRIS makes that one look like pac-man. OSIRIS contains incredible new monsters, textures, graphics, and sounds (326 new sprites!). Loose...Date:08/24/96
Size:2.02 MB
Author:Glen Payne, Marshal Bostwick

Otakon '96, the Japanese animation convention, has gone horribly wrong. A gate to hell has opened up in the hotel basement and all the fans are possessed! Knight Saber Priss is called on to eradicate the menace. More info and hints are available in t...Date:07/26/96
Size:939.3 KB
Author:Mark "Mark" Sachs

The OtherWorld
Pretty dark, this one, and a little empty when it comes to the weapons. Set in the usual stone fortress with plenty of enemies to take out. Watch all the shotgun dudes in the second room: they can get out of control very easily. I originally set out ...Date:07/01/96
Size:68.35 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

House of Doom
A wad of my house. I tried to get all the details right, and I'm pretty proud of it. I even put the street, driveway, front garden, barn, all the furniture, and even the 200 gallon aquarium in the basement. Here's a little story if you want one.... T...Date:01/08/97
Size:177.06 KB
Author:Jason Troutman

Air dropped into an volcano island fortress your squad is ambushed. Grazed by a bullet and knocked unconcious you awake to find all of your squad slaughtered. Your only hope of escape is to make it to a boat waiting for you in the lagoon....Date:08/12/05
Size:173.12 KB
Author:Zigmund Ozwell

Outback Station
There are monsters and guns in it. You use the guns to shoot the monsters. (and each other) No health (well, two Megaspheres), so try not to get hit! Play on -altdeath for added mayhem in Deathmatch....Date:07/13/95
Size:19.13 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

A doom2 map, wich is divided in two parts, the first one, is like futurstic with metallic textures, and the last one is like urban style. The map is quite difficult, although it wouldn't seem at the beggining....Date:12/28/10
Size:45.4 KB

__________________________________________________ :MAP01 ABAND93h.WAD :THE ABANDONED ORE STATION :The ore station was at one time very prosperous....Date:06/11/01
Size:1.22 MB

Outpost 1
Another quality deathmatch level by me, Marc Bublitz. This one takes place in an outpost. There are several reasons why I particularly like this one: First, I'm kind-of fond of the "Cyber-Attack" ad I've constructed. Secondly, I'm very happy I could ...Date:08/26/95
Size:54.56 KB
Author:Marc R. Bublitz

A very short Level where you explore a small out post...Date:08/04/11
Size:28.86 KB

The Outpost III
The outpost has been taken over by hells minions. Your mission is to clean it out and get the hell out of there!...Date:07/25/01
Size:10.46 KB

Size:50.32 KB

Outpost Hell
The year is 2199. You have just destroyed what was left of hell. You are walking to the Transporter back to Luna when you take one last look behind you. You see blood and corpses everywhere. Exausted, you take one last breath and step into the Transp...Date:09/09/95
Size:98.03 KB
Author:Rubber Duck

A map not short neither long (I think)....Date:05/27/09
Size:67.23 KB
Author:Jack the Ripper

Outside For Doom 2
Outside basicly. A huge level with billions (Well, okay, a lot) of buildings, rivers that interconnect, and lots of hidden areas, and far too much VIOLENCE!!!!!!...Date:12/23/95
Size:487.02 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins (Aka Kowalski) - Level + GFX Michael Davies (A1 Stud Muffin) - GFX

Overkill.wad is a great deathmatch Level for 3-4 players, or even 2! It includes Sniper Locations, Tricky to get Armor Central Fort, etc. Very fun to Deathmatch. Please E-mail all Opinions, comments, suggestions to!...Date:07/30/98
Size:20.73 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington

Pwad for DOOM2 - Only 7 rooms but this one got WAY out of hand. May still be some visplane errors in 1.9, but BSP30 -vp option really cleaned it well. Tested fine in Doom95. Could this be the world's 1st Doom95 specific wad?...Date:08/27/01
Size:127.6 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Fairly big level, with two main areas...a small town, and a castle across the sea. The main 'feature' is the Overlord (a cyberdemon) and his generals (four revenants) that watch over the town. They shoot at you from the safety of their castle. Easy...Date:10/28/95
Size:101.37 KB
Author:The Elf (Darren Tuetken)

A classic-Doom-style map. It's my first attempt at creating a reasonably-detailed and completely playable map. I've played around in editors before, but never made anything worth mentioning and never released anything I made. So this is my first rele...Date:06/27/05
Size:93.38 KB
Author:Matt 'CajunCC' Martin

Short level, no particular idea, but has that recurring curve theme....Date:08/15/03
Size:58.25 KB
Author:Tim Williams

One Year Closer To Death
A short map created in two hours for Rayzik's birthday (see thread: Nothing very special or pretty or fun, but uploaded to the archives for sake of preservation....Date:06/20/15
Size:27.46 KB
Author:Jacek "JudgeDeadd" Dobrzyniecki

OzzY Wad
My first wad. After about 500 revisions, its here. Friends say it is good. You should try it....Date:02/12/96
Size:47.19 KB
Author:Aaron Storey (a.k.a OzzY, or Gandalf the White)

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