Title: Mansion1
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/mansion1.zip
Size: 101.31 KB
Date: 09/20/95
Author: Tim Nelson
Description: You're in a mansion.
Credits: Trent Rapp, Steve Jackson, Dan Benedict, and Chad Comer for cool ideas. I'd also like to thank Tim Nelson, without whom this WAD wouldn't have been possible.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: See below
Editor(s) used: Edmap 1.23, Edmap 1.24, and Edmap 1.31 (They're the best).
Bugs: Yeah right.
Rating: (8 votes)
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A duplicate file of id://3318 (bighouse.zip by same author)...An utter Classic...complex but fun to explore...fights are nice too...for 95 its very worked map i must sayx
this is pretty good for a 1995 map, i liked itx
Neat mansion map with attention to lighting, texturing and monster placement. Looks a bit like something out of... Memento Mori maybe. It was difficult to find my way at first, and if you should wander off in the wrong direction you may find the ammo supply run out (oh, and conserve as much as you can for the ending if you want 100% kills). The really nifty secrets help a lot, if you can find them. There's a Wolfenstein section thrown in for some reason. Worth a playthrough. --3/5x
Good design, but to many monsters. -- 3/5x
Me lika da mapa :/x

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