Title: MASSACRE (new episode)
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/massacre.zip
Size: 113.54 KB
Date: 01/27/96
Author: Martin STACHE, Matthias SACHER
Description: New episode for DOOM2 (3 levels)
Credits: id software for their great games
Base: New episode from scratch with 3 new levels: SHOWTIME (map 1), METAL (map 2), BIGBLOCK (map 3)
Build time: A long time, see level-txt files for details
Editor(s) used: EdMap v.121b
Bugs: none (send us an E-Mail if you find bugs, otherwise if you have any suggestions write us, too)
Rating: (4 votes)
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I liked it - map01 was my fav - those elevators in map02 were waaay too bigx
The levels are from May 1995 and January 1996. They are square, brown, drab, and unentertaining. Map01 has a buggy lift that can get you stuck; Map02 has a huge elevator stairwell "puzzle" that would take at least ten minutes to ascend, in real time - it's a bit like the elevator stairway in Doom II's "The Pit", but huger-er. Map03 is a bog-standard castle level. It gave me nightmare memories of a million broken suicides.x

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