Title: Meat Fortress
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/meat1.zip
Size: 27.21 KB
Date: 06/12/99
Author: Richard Britt
Description: MY first released WAD. It's an updated DOOM I level I made back in 97' for DOOM II. I recentley got back into level design, and thought I may as well release it. I like it anyway.
Credits: That guy who makes DOOMCAD, though I use the brilliant WAD Authour now.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: Er.... 4 hours? Something like that.
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD
Bugs: Some of the textures look crap because it was converted over. All the doors are a bit dodgy, and some of the stairs have ceilings which are too low, but you can still walk under them.
Rating: (5 votes)
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design and layout is very dull and unimaginative...comb ats are fun to some extent...x
Some kind of a base with random castle parts thrown in. It's very boring and mainly consists of flat rectangular rooms of zero interest. Not sure what's up with that cyberdemon room, quite silly stuff.x
Three Cyberdemons at the end? What the hell... I still beat it without a problem, though.x

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