Title: Mega Phase
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/megaphse.zip
Size: 161.23 KB
Date: 05/08/04
Author: MegaZzZeux
Description: Designed for Single Player/Co-Op and DM. (not just one or the other.)
Credits: John Williston (WadAuthor), the creators of Wintex. Clan ORB, Doom Rampage, and MR.ROCKET(playtesting/support/name), and of course ID for this excellent game.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Not TOO long. . .
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor v1.3., Wintex
Bugs: I do not know of any, if you find some, please let me know.
Rating: (15 votes)
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liked, except the exit bars are broken in vanilla compat like Memfis said (it's because floors don't move below -512 or whatever the magic number is)x
Very nice dark base with some brown brick parts, could be even scary but it is too easy for that. A few designs reminded me of Alien Vendetta and Evilution. Main problem: ridiculous amounts of backtracking, just what the hell man. Also the exit bars didn't lower for me (prboom-plus -complevel 2). No idea why.x
A nice-looking map, but rather tedious to play. There is one switch-hunt that is a little too elaborate (an irritation rather than a challenge) and towards the end I found the gameplay to be too wandery and lacking in real action. The key actions should be simplified - one you have the blue key, you should be able to raise blue bars without running to the other side of the (by then empty) map to press a switch.x
This is dated May 2004. It's decent but fiddly; the design is a wandery castle / techbase with piles of health lying around. The design is a mish-mash of E1 themes. You fight 170+ mostly weak monsters, with a couple of scares. The flow takes you through the level well without feeling too linear. An early switch puzzle confused me, and overall it's not hard (the BFG is handy for the boss battle though). I agree with the other reviewer re: the keyed switches.x
This is a medium-sized, good-looking UAC base map with a nice dark atmosphere. The map is quite unlinear and a bit confusing. I highly recommend to mark the locked switches on the automap, or otherwise you'll run around and search for the switches you've once seen when you still didn't have the required key. The difficulty is avarage, not too rough,maybe the challenge could have been a bit tighter. But it was still fun to play. 4/5 -Milianx
It's not a bad level.x

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