Title: Melee.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/melee.zip
Size: 70.33 KB
Date: 10/16/98
Author: Derry Cooke (a.k.a. Dermot Cooke)
Description: A warped and twisted WAD, with puzzles, mayhem, a sense of humour... and more mayhem! It has been playtested and is definitely do-able at ultra-violence level without cheating.
Credits: id Software, the Great Goddess, my parents, members of the Academy.. and my wife and son who will be seeing more of me now that Melee is finally finished. Big thank you to the wonderful Ben Morris for the great DCK. Thanks to Dan Teeter for the music from his nifty surreal2.wad and thanks also to Warren Rice who apparently did the midi sequencing.
Base: Melee.wad (circa 1997 release)
Build time: About 95 hours: finished October 17 1998
Editor(s) used: DOOM Construction Kit (DCK v.3.62)
Bugs: you may get a 'R_Findplane: no more visplanes' crash when looking out over the 3D maze from certain vantage points. Some areas were a problem but after a little sector reworking now seem to play OK. If you should strike this bug you might need to try BOOM -the new retooled DOOM engine from team TNT, available from http://www.teamtnt.com.
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This is from October 1998. The readme sounded hopeful, and perhaps surprisingly the level is actually very good. 300+ monsters, totally unsubtle, lots of action. In 1998 it would have been very hard, but nowadays it's so-so once you get beyond the immediate start. The first arena has a neat trap that you can clear out from behind; it gets puzzly in the second section, but it's consistently creative and action-packed. The final battle's a bit dark though.x

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