Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/meniscus.zip
Size: 113.95 KB
Date: 11/12/95
Author: Chance Crowder
Description: * Years ago I DM'd an AD&D (TM, etc.) game; the Castle Meniscus was one of many castles in the world of Cereberus; if response to this level is good, there may be sequels based on some others. * This game was designed primarily as a Single- Player game, although it is perfectly capable of DEATHMATCH. It may also make a good Cooperative if you play on higher skill levels... * Your goal (aside from survival) is to get 100% of the Secrets. All hidden doors are marked, but some may be VERY subtle, so look closely... * If you play this several times you will recognize that if you go through certain rooms in a certain order, your chances of survival will be much better. Beginners may find this one difficult, but I can can complete it on Ultra-Violence without dying or cheating, so its not too bad. * This is a BIG level, so you may need some horse- power to run it smoothly... my deathmatch mates recommend at LEAST a DX2-66 w/ 16+ MB of RAM... and a good Video card... I personally would recommend at a Pentium; it was built w/ a P-60, Stealth 64 2MB VRAM, and 24MB of RAM...
Credits: * Thanks to the Duckman, The Grey Ghost, The Cosmonaut, and the Zuzuzombie for many enjoyable Deathmatches... * Thanks to the fine people who wrote the DETH Editor, which was used exclusively to make this level (as well as all of my other levels)... * Thanks to id for finally bringing a game to the world that doesn't get boring after 5 minutes...
Base: New level from scratch, 75+ revisions.
Build time: Approx. 160 hrs.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Due to its sheer size, there may be an occasional slice here and there, but nothing the average person would be bothered by. See for yourself...
Rating: (8 votes)
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Chance Crowder, what a name. This was his only level, which is a shame because it's almost okay; a large castle with an epic feel, and almost 300 baddies. Against it, the gameplay is a bit ropey. Very copy'n'paste at the start (you fight about six pairs of barons on the trot) with loads of hitscan monsters. You can only get the red key by finding an obtuse secret, and indeed mystery wallpressing is obligatory, and in fact it's so fiddly I got bored and gave up.x
A fairly decent map that is worth a play through.x
Pretty good, worth downloading.x
To disagree with the previous comment, this map is neither "Very good", nor is it "Fantastic", even for 1995. It's OK, though; nothing special, but there's worse out there.x
Very good map. Fantastic for 1995.x

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