Title: Merlin's Universe (Fifth Release)
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/merlin5.zip
Size: 210.91 KB
Date: 05/13/96
Author: Merlin of Pleth
Description: This is a collection of three of my best levels. As levels go, they are large, intricate, and very enjoyable. Although they may seem downright challenging at first, these levels are indeed beatable on all difficulties. However, I am quite sure it would be impossible to survive very long on Nightmare mode due to the design of the levels. Note: I have another collection of levels that are smaller and somewhat simpler. It is the "Universe of Sin" (UNISIN.WAD). Furthermore, all my levels are available in "The Plethoric Universe" (PLETH5.WAD), a deathmatch collection.
Credits: The play-testers of all of my levels. ID Software
Base: Levels designed from scratch. Refer to condensed level information below.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinDEU 5.24 Zennode .97Beta MUStool Midi2MUS 2.04 WinTex 4.2
Bugs: None. I do not release half-ass software. If you find anything that displeases you, let me know. Note: Due to the superior complexity of some levels, the game may bog down on "slow" systems.
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Entertaining gameplay. Might be a good choice for FDAs. x
Three levels dated May 1996. Map01 is a frustrating lava base that compels you to hunt for unmarked hidden secrets in the midst of damaging lava. It's a bugger to play, a confusing mess, and I gave up early on. Map02 is a bog-standard dungeon, no different from hundreds of others. Map03 is surprisingly and thankfully decent - it's another lava dungeon, not great, but playable, with a lot of action. Skip to Map03.x
pritty crummy.. but not too bad for a map made in 69 i guessx

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