Title: Metallic
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/metallic.zip
Size: 60.29 KB
Date: 08/15/03
Author: Tim Williams
Description: Just a bunch of stuff I thought of. Name comes from the primary wall texture.
Credits: Nobody in particular, though- keep up the good work, id Software!
Base: Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeeP 8.84 a long time ago, then a period of unfinished-ness, then I stepped up to DeeP97, then upgraded to DeePsea, then finished with DETH.
Bugs: How dare you even suggest...!
Rating: (6 votes)
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Its great! Like everyone else, it needs a little improvement. The structure of the level is there as well as the ammo/health/secret/t rap placement. maybe a few more design elements to break up some of the walls. I don't come across wads this good too often. -z34chrisx
I don't get it 2/5x
I think its ok. Could do with some improvements, such as gameplay, but good nonethelessx
Nice bit of combat. Good suspense in the early stages, as you wonder how you're gonna take on the next bad guys with little/no ammo.x
better than i expectid! some creativ traps and good fights the grafix are prity good and thairs just the rite amount of ammo and helth! 5/5 x

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