Title: MIA Search and Rescue 1 -- The Lost Mission Revision 3 -- SubGenius Release
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/mia_sar1.zip
Size: 802.64 KB
Date: 05/01/96
Author: Rob Jones (M.D., CAPT, MC, USAF; Harvard '85); AKA Dr. Archvile; AKA Rob (Not-Bob) on alt.slack
Description: You have been teleported into the
Base: Original; thanks to the creator of the (excellent) Doom I UAC_DEAD.WAD (Leo Martin Lim) for the way to make the special bridge. Thanks also to IRONCLAW (AKA Charles Swisher) for the signature idea from 2DAMHRD.WAD.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: 1) DETH 3.7 (thanks, Twin Cam Tone!) 2) Wintex 3.41-- outstanding Deutex shell by the author of Deutex/DeuSF (Olivier Montanuy). I couldn't figure out the new version (4.0), so I went back to the "tried and true"-- prolly why I'm still using Win31 with 32 bit disk access (thanks to Adaptec!).
Bugs: Ascaris Lumbricoides, Taenia Solium, et al. Seriously, a few small "texture bleeds" here & there (due to odd Linedef lengths), but nothing fatal. (Only the enemies are fatal;-)
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I left this feeling confused, but not displeased.x
Seriously one of the worst WADs I've ever played...x
Early 1996 map. Has plain hopeless layout, architecture, texture use, ambiance & gameplay. But author showed a lot of technical skills; between more, this is the oldest level I'm aware of implementing the idea of stealth monsters. 4* for the effort alone, and don't expect a nice adventure, because there isn't. BTW I seriously doubth voter #1 has finished it without cheating @ UV...x
Some things can't be described with words.x
Kinda trippy and freaky, and not in a good way. x
A fascinatingly weird little level. And I finished it without cheating, too. *sticks out tongue at Dr. Jones*x

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