Title: moist.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/moist.zip
Size: 51.53 KB
Date: 05/08/96
Description: This WAD replaces level 1

There are no difficulty levels here but your brain will be moist after this!

It is a large level, took a long time to make and should take a long time to complete. I have added more detail here - light/shade etc to try and make it as pro as the original Doom 2 levels were. Did I get there yet?

There are lots of secrets, so keep your eyes open for the hints.
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@ reviewers above: have we played the same map? Let me explain: this is a 10-minutes map. Looks like a typical 1996 level: chaotic and sloppy layout, spare texture use with a lot of misalignments, almost no ambiance, too many secrets, and mostly simple, crampy and chaotic gameplay without any leading theme / leitmotiv. Some fights are not too bad, and in the 3-spidermasters fight the chainsaw is your friend, but most of it is just meh and UV is never a challenge. Overall small 3/5 because it's made in '96.x
extreamly dificult.. however i beat it first try! if you can manige to find enuf seacrits, it is possiblex
Superb map. Well thought-out and extremely well-balanced gameplay.x

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