Title: moon 2000
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/moon2000.zip
Size: 348.54 KB
Date: 03/01/98
Author: Michael Krause
Description: 1 level WAD.

I use a P200 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine.
Credits: ID for DOOM 2. Ben Morris for DCK. Massimo Ciano for the great sound conversion from Quake to DOOM 2. Please check out his great WAD castleof.wad. Chris Dale for playtesting, the beautiful sky texture and a lot of tips.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: 5 hours, ...? no that's a joke
Editor(s) used: DCK v2.2 by Ben Morris.
Bugs: Small texture misalignments here and there, but not really noticable unless you look for them.
Rating: (12 votes)
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Superb map from the great Michael Krause. I might have playtested this one back in the day. The architecture is fabulous, in Michael's unique Bauhaus Lego style. The theme is silver, blue and brown. The scale is epic -- a vast computer complex loaded with Revvies, Chaingunners, Mancs, Arachnotrons and some Cybs for spice. Progression can be obtuse at times. Fights are often in vast, open, sometimes sandboxey areas. One of Michael's best. 4.5/5 -- SteveD x
Good, spacious level. There's a lot of unpopulated areas but it adds to the moonbase atmosphere.x
This wad has something most new wads lack - interesting architecture. Modern wads tend to use thousands of sectors for "detail", but they are usually just a square room after square room filled with borders, computer terminals and crates. The final battle really is the pinnacle of this wad's awesomeness. This one is clearly staying on my hard drive. 5/5x
This is a fun although very spartan level from 1998. The colour scheme and design resemble Quake II at times. There's masses of action and it builds up to a really good final battle; there isn't much health, although there's a lot of rockets and BFG ammo. The design is either simple or clean depending on your taste. The first half looks a bit 1994 in places, whereas the second half exhibits a transcendent minimalism.x
Great WAD. I always keep comming back to it after all these yearsx
This is a MUST HAVE. It's got huge expansive areas and many of them, and is amazing. the detail is a tad bit simpler than what we often see today in high end wads, but the areas still look great. This is one of the few single levels that have stuck with me, and so I give it a 5. BTW: Those sounds are from Quake 1, which was a fad for a couple years after the game came out. x
its a prity desent wad the only thing i didint like about it was the gay sounds the monsters make when thay get hurt 4/5 x

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