Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/myhouse2.zip
Size: 67.28 KB
Date: 12/28/11
Author: Luca Mugnaini
Description: 'Domestic' level of Doom situated in a real house with beds, cupboards, sofa and idromassage baths!

Is an attempt to use the powerful engine of Doom to feign an real architectonic ambient (in this case that's my house).

For a realistic exploration you should choose one of the two easiest levels (there aren't any monsters and all the keys are disponible). Then you choose the arm #1 (it's not polite to go in the house of the others with a gun aimed at the man's hight :)). In certain moments you'll be tele-trasported: it's a necessity becouse the real ambient has three flors and Doom don't allow this kind of things.

If you prefer to do this exploration more violent, just try it. All the other levels are perfectly playable.

I wait for your comments and suggestions.
Credits: To all friends that come somethimes to visit me in the virtual way (and they find me always in the bad, sleeping).
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Too much!
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1
Bugs: Some wall is spitefull!
Rating: (18 votes)
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