Title: The Unholy Temple
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/n4-evil.zip
Size: 78.15 KB
Date: 11/20/96
Author: Enforcer (Still don't feel like useing my real name)
Description: This level is mostly a single player level but it can be played in Death Match. I did spend alot of time on it so it really kicks. It features great texture alignment, a good layout, kewl lighting fx, a new sky, and new music! and on top of all that it's free! Try it!
Credits: Id Software for making DooM and QUAKE! Mirage for suggesting I put in a Arch-Vile. Nine Inch Nails for making the Music! and whoever made Ruiner.mid that is what I used for the music
Base: Lots of Caffine! Pizza, burgers and tv with a few suggestions from some of those voices in my head, thanx voices!
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, DCK 3.2 Zennode (the best!) and I think I even used Wintex, but I don't remember.
Rating: (11 votes)
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Dear voters, realise that giving a map 5* legendary leads to skyhigh expectations - and in this case: plain disappointment. The style and decoration are good although (even in 1996) unoriginal, but the rectangular layout is very simple, the monster placement is uninteresting, and the gameplay@ UV is, er, well: almost not there. IOW: playing this was almost totally boring because of the severe lack of interesting aspects. 2* because of the effort + 1 bonus because it was made in 1996.x
Looked ok but gameplay was very simple. AS for the arch-vile, it was way too easy to kill because it didn't have anything to resurrect so you could just keep popping away at it while dodging behind pillars. It would have been better to have appeared after killing the Hell Knights in the room with 4 doors.x
A temple level that has way too much summetry and rectangular architecture. Sure, it doesn't look bad anywhere but doesn't offer anything beautiful either, except for the outdoor area perhaps. The gameplay suffers from heavy repetition too. Competent but bland.x
I loved playing through it, really fun, not very easy but I like thatx
Amazing WAD. It looked impressive, it was intricate in design, and was an all around incredible map. It actually felt like a missing Doom level that should have been about halfway through the game.x
I liked this level. The architecture is very well done, with some clean, open areas with a medieval theme. It's very blocky and spartan but it looks good, like Quake with more colour. But the level feels barren, and there aren't many monsters. Sadly this seems to be the author's only level; I imagine he was seduced by Quake. Premiata Forneria Marconi was an Italian progressive rock band that sounded a lot like King Crimson (but with Italian vocals).x

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